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Tbe newcst blue is called porcelain blue. Steel trimtninga are fust superscding jet. New ornaments are Kiryptian ia design. Flowers are mixed with featliers on the now bats. Tbe new surah is .satin like instead of bein? dull like silk. When the waist or vest is shirred the fileeves are shirred also. Mand embroidery o cjlored silks brighten new black bonnets. lii.-quesofflannel andbunttng drossen are tueke.d all over lengthwise. Oollara with larpe plaits are worn. They are of surali or lawn with luce inserti'ins. The Charlotte Corday cloak will be repeated in light ihadee of color for springs wraps. Spaoinh lace ia oombioed with braid in a flut triuuing wiiich hu leaves of lace on t!i' rdge. Litile soft, loosi; riofa of hair fallingover the furehead are takin the place of the long-favored banu,-. The Dew bead fringes have strandslhat are little chains, and all have the greateat diboMtion nossible to fringes. In wedding stationery the "correct thinjj" is white instead of orean, whicli has been popular f'.r some time past. Colored Cintnn flannels are made into ourtaini for librartM? they look as well as plmh, and are less expensive. The Bm presa of AiMtria'a hunting costuuie 'n onc more eliciting admiring coniineot !ro;n Eoglish society papers. Tbe tiew tiea have Oriental eiubroidery in gold and silver threads, and very pretty ones ara of crinkly Ch'iDa OMpe. " Wholesoine and cheerful, but not aggravated," is a New STork dMOription of the tinta and shadas in spring goods. New dreraea are called " crooked dresaes," because they have a full, short panier on one si.le, while the otber ia perfëctly straight. The "nleigh-bell" is the favorite jet trimming. It combines gold, silver and uietalic drops that jingle when the wearer moves. Lunch table clotlis :irc of gold co'ored daoiask, with wide borders of scarlet and a heavy netted frinse of the combined colors. Baskets of willow are gilded are very r!ch flower holders. These are filled with plants in the center and surrounded with cut flowers. I'he triiuuiings for elegant tea gowns nre made of lace copied from theantique. Ladies of rank and fashion have given orders for these laces. Among the spring styles are velvet redingotM that extend almost to the bottom of the dntê, and are made without any trimminjr. A late party dress was of apricot satin de Jjyon, with lace over dress, and flower garnitures of azaleas, ïv 1 pyrus, japónicas and sprays of suiilax. Qnysift stockings embroidered in colors lor the house, light tints for receptions, aod red stockings for those that match the gown. are the latest adyices. Cabbage trimming is formed by a bias strip of nik frayed on both edges and gathered at intervals so as to bring the raveled edges up with a .oft fluffy affect. Renaissance erubroidery, although very diflScult, is used for decorating handsome drapcries, and many ladies are learning to euihroider their own drapery. Kl' ptian scarabees and South American beetles have been supplanted by locusts and Texas tarántulas formed of gold and enamel, inlaid with imitation of jewels. Aprons are ajrain very fashionable, many of them very artistic in design and finish. suk embroidery, lace fringe, and tassels areused to them. The pretty style of shoulder ornamenta is Jarried out with good effect by slender dies. 1 he fichu is often caught on the lefl shoulder with a flower or bows of plush or plaid ribbon. Gentlemen wear in their shirt bosomsfor evening dros, buttons of tnother-of'-pearl, traversc-d with golden threads, as if they wero sewed on with threads of gold. The sleeve buttons are similar. New butter dishes, when upraised and suspended frotu a book on the circular handle, throw open the doublé covers like butterfly winga whieh remain open until the dish is returned to its case. Pretty table cloths with serviettes to match are taking the place of fine white damask sets. For occasions where njore than ordinary display U cal led for, stripes of erim-o.i, blue, dark green and old gold are used. The newest fichus are no longer sitnply folded neckerchiefs, but are very elabórate, having a boi pleated standing ruflF, with revers down the front. The revers are notobed in directoire style, and edged with two rows of lace.


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