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Speak A Good Word

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falk of your county ; speak a good word about your neighborhood- not only when vou are abroad, but whcn you are at home. Don't go around as if every man was your natural eneiny, and you were hopelessly lied up in a conimumty with which you had no eotnmon interest-:. Doa't run down the country and berate your fellow eitizens to every stranger you meet, but brag them iip. Teil straneersyou have a fine country. Don i t deceive them by telüüg exaggerated atonea and untruths nor take delight in tnaking prominent every little mismanage111 -ut of public affairs and every little circumstance of your country's history that was not just according to your deas. Teil tho strange visitor that your people are good and hospitable, and prove it by introduciin? hitn among your friends. I. t every man speak well of his neighborhood and hi country, and try and induce strangers to settle there. When a stranger locales near you, make him think well of you and your neighbors. If there is a bargain in a pioce of vacant' land or a farm near you, help to get that bargain disposed of. When it is in strongcr hands, and out of the market, it will stiffen prices on all the lands surrounding it. Oet the farms into the hands of men out of debt and able to hold tliem, and you will see a boom in the real estáte tnarket; but au long as there is a farm for sale under the pressure of debt?, the price of other land be influenced taereby. A yacani store in a row of busiDMl liuu-es injures the rental of all the Oteen; a demand for one more store than can be lm 1 h;is the conirary effect. Pnces of land are affected in the samo way.


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