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a special uispatcri to me ueiroii, rree Prisas, from Jackson, in the issue of March I24th, says : The democratie judicial conveutíon of this district met here lo-day and lndorsed the reeammeadatlon of tlic harot t he district Ijy nominatitiií the llon. BoffGIM Prlngle for circuit juüge, which rawts Un lu-arty npproval of the people generally. This is Judge Huntington's district, Judgc Huntiogton is the man who made himself famous (?) asa judge by refusingto allow any other judge to try a certain case, or to allow a jury even, to decide it ; saying, in effect; that he alone was qualified to try it and decide its merits. The Free Press landed bina to the skios for that act, hut now that paper is foreed to acknowledge that hts defeat i o not seeuring a rcnomination- at the end of 'nis first term - nieets the hearty approval of the people of his district. lic returns to private life in disgrace. We cannot help but feel sorry for the poor devil, for we are half inclined to think that had he left hisinvalid wifeat home when he tried the Ilose-Douglas case, that he would have kept out of theclutcbes of the tienda who thirsted for blood.


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