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The duwocrats of 'Chicago have renominatcd Carter H. Harrison for mayor. Carter is a brick. Ex-Senator !ordon is going to i uj prove lii ovw state by building a railroad from Atlanta to Colutubuü, Miss. Stanley Matthews' prospecta are rapidly improving, and bhere is little doubt now luit that bis nomination will be confirmed I'}1 'he scnate. The Flint school lor tbc deal' aod dumb is happy, tbc legislaturc having paswed the mrj appropriation, 188,200, for the two coming ycars. The socialist of NVw Vork city say tbat the tenantry of that place are in a worsc condition than tbc ieasantry ol' Ircland. It may be so, but we doubt it. Tuc.-day's dipatilirs brought the ioelligencü that the Karl of Bcaconsfield, Vlr. Disracli, was lying at death's door, ií-í pliysicianV baving given hiiu up. The atorui of the past few days bas excnded all over the continent, every ocality pronouncing it a tliing unbeard of so late in tbc season. Even Cincinnati has )een snowed undcr. A terrible thing was tbe burning of the Nice (France) Italian opera house, and theperisbing therein of some two hundred eoplc, becausc of insufficient places of exit. Among the lost is Dr. Arendt Scheling, a celebrated Germán savant. On Saturday, the 19th of Marcb, the rain on tbe nortbwestern road was blockaded by snow, when a short distance froui j& Fox station, and therc reuiained for ifty-two hours before help came to relieve hem from their uncomfortable position. 'rovis-ion was obtained by the train hands at the depot, and brought to the passengers. The cntire bar of Detroit joio 'm a requcst (o the voters of the state to vote yes upoo the constitutional anicndment submitted to the people this spring, permiting VVayne county to have two jrcuit judges. As one bas more business than he can poBsibly attend to by holding court all of the time, we see no reason why they should not have their desires granted. The acquittal of young KaHoch for the shooting of Chas. DeYoung about ooe year since, at San Francisco, would have been a surprise to the people of this country had they not learned long since not to be surprised at anything coming from the Golden Gate. They don't seem to understand the definition of niurder there as people in other states do. The daily newspapers must feel pleascd to pay for such dispatches as the following from Washington, published in last Tuesday morning's dailics : " Mrs. Kate Chase Sprague occupied a scat in the senate gallery to day." Supposing she did, what of it ? Was it anything so wonderful that it should be trumpeted all over the land? Some people are of the opinión that the less publicity tbc better just now in her The Ovid Register has come to the con clusion that capital punishment should be restored to our statute bookp. Well, perhaps it should be, but we doubt if its tcrrors will in the least reduce crime in our state. Will some one who is posted, inform the people how the criminal record of other states, where capital punishment is enforeed, compares with our own? Unless the writer is greatly mistaken, the record of New York is fur blacker than that of Michigan, and they frequently hang crimináis there. Besides, does legalizing the taking of human life make it any the less murder ? Chicago lias a spooney, whose name ia Wm. Cooney, and he is such a looncy, tbat he has lived on faith and water for the past month, and saya that he shall not touch food until April 17th, Easter Sunday. And Iowa City has a female of the same clas.=, whose name is Hattie Deuel, only she is still worse than the first mentioned, for she refused to talk any more some three years ago, and has ne ver spoken a word since. She carnes on conversaron by means of signs. If she Uves until today she will have 3f days completed in which sbe has not tasted food. If these people, who foolishly impose such tasks upon theinselves, were obliged to go without a few ineals from necessity, they would wake the echoes with howls and denunciation of the people of the nation, join the socialist and clamor for an equal división of property. Thcre is quite a difference you see, between doing these things voluntarily and through necessity.


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