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Republican Judicial Convention

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The republican judicial conveotion for the twenty-second judicial circuit, convened at the court house, in tbis city, last Fridayat 12 o'clock m. The convention was callcd to order by Hon. A. J. Sawyer, chairman of the judicial committee. Ader statiog in a few words the purpose for which the convention had gathered, Jas. V. Wing, of Scio, was called to the temporary chairmanship, and John F. Lawrence, of tbis city, made temporary secretary. Tlie following committees were then appointed : Credentials- Krank Kmerlck and Wm. E. Depew. Wahtenaw ; B. Parker. Monroe. Permanenl Organlzation- C. U. Morris Monroe; W.H. Layaiid Nathau Flerce, Washteuaw. An adjournment was theo made until 2 o'clock p. ui. ¦ Upam rcasNctuMing tlic commitlce on crcdentials rcorted the following delegates cotitled to scats in the convention: Monroe-J. I) Ronnn. e. K. Wini?, Burtot l'arki-r. I li Uroavenor, Jas. Rtrlmrilxoii, K II Reynolds. C. U. Morris, Jan. H. Murphy, H Bdall, Cbarlaa Ingentoll. Mom J. Howe Alltrt Kond, A. A. Muttier, Qeo. Doty. Waslitenaw Ju, W. Wlng, Jas. B. (iott Morton K. las. Krank Kmeri, k, J. W. Maken lee, John F. Uwraaoe, W. H. Imv, .Ia ¦ Mon. Millón Keynolds. Qeo. s. Wneeler, P. W trpeatar. WaNton Barr.John e M.wl, Jrh. T Hiiiiey, Kolx'ri Glenn, Nmii;m Pleroe, A. V KreeniHii, Win K. Ip.w, J,y Kvei. II. The cotnmittce on permanent organiza tion reported the names of' JaBMf Mc Mabon for permanent prenident, and ('. K VVing, of Monrae, for secretary. Reports of both couimittees accept cd aD( adopted. The preciitition of candidato being next in order, John F. L-iwrence, of tliicity, aod presented the name of one of Monroe's gifted citizens for the office o circuit judge, the Hon. Rufua K. Pliinney of Monroe. He considerad the office one of the most vital importance to the people, one that should command the best talent, and lx: fílled by a man who "- sessed the best judgment. Thii uirre fact that a man had comnion tWM and honesty was not a soffioient recommendation. He should be thoroughly familiar vtitli the law, with court rules, and have good judgment Iwidw All of these cxcccdingly (-¦sontial qualiöcations hc considered ilmt Mr. I'hinney possewd. Capt, J. D. Konan, of Monroe, fully cndon-ed the high recommend gireo Mr. I'hinney by Mr. Lawrcnce. and knew of no man who, in his opinión, would M tioar approach the true and just judge. The speaker then hastily sketched the lifo of the nominee, and closed by stating that no democrat in his county would ijOMtton nhat lic had said of him. Then Mr. A. VV. Hamilton, of thisoity, who was a claMsinad' ot Mr. I'hinney's, added a few words of warm endorsetnent, as did Messrs. t). V. Wing, of Scio, and Burton I'arkcr and (_'. . Moiri, of Monroe. Mr. I'hinney was then dcclared ;he nominee of the convention. The following gentlemen were appointcd as a judicial committee : John F. Lawrence, chairman, and A. J. Sawyer, of Ann Arbor ; J. I). Konan, of Monroe ; Seth C. lUndall, of Dundee; andWm. B. [)ejew, of Chelaca. HflHnu A. W. Hamilcon, Frank Kmirick and Win. K. Icpcw aecouipanied tlie Monroe delegation hoiuc to asist in iuiiroawag apon the nominee the importases [)f acccpling the same. Tbc result was not "avorablc, au i is spoken of editorially.


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