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( liamorj Sale. RÍTATE OF MICIIKÍAN The Clrcml t onrl lor 0 the County of WtiPhtenaw, lu cbanory. Mary E. Costello, guardián of Mary Cunte lo an. Robert Coatello, miiiont, complainants, vs. John Cofltellu, Mary Aon CoMelio. t har les S. Urecory lienry l!. r?j;ory and Juhn II. Evarts, (iefeiidaute lu pamaoct and by rtrtme oí a de-cree oi mU ( ourt, made aurl entered tn the alxjve entHlert CIW on tïu tenth day of Kebruary, A. 1). 1M, noure ís hereby giros that I shail cel 1 at public mottoa, U tbc bighest liidd'r. on .Monday the i'i'h day ot May A. L). 1SM, at two n iiM-k ui ihi' iHMnuua, at the ea#t front door of the court bouw, in the i itj o Adh Arhor, Washtenaw tounty and state of MtdU fan, the following dei-erihed real enlate, beini; th KHme meutioned and deoerlbod in iaid de-cree, t wit: All of (kOM MTiam tract t ptfOSja Of lant lo the um'iif hfps of Sein and vv ebU-r, in the couttty ot WatiiTfiiHw. lyingon MUI ('reek. near the villaje of -ter, bcinii the sawimll and site if ih bun and a grist-mill with their privilege and apportenancee butmded aml d- cribad! as foltowa; Commencing at tbr cuici "1 " A " -treft in aid vtllagv of Oexter, according to thu recordtd plat Uutbo!, at lti interectiou with "C" street or the Aun Arbor road, and ruunine thence north niaeteeu AtpMi and tlftet'D minute, east along the center 01 'a" wireet five and sixty-three link-, to a ütake : thence nortli feventy dffTNI and forty-flve luluuiei, went at right anules with "A" street two chaina and ;w -iity-diH links; thence north nineteen decreetand flfteeu minuten, east parallel with "A" etreet ono chaln and eiuhiy links, to tbe luie of a piece of land cold by 8. W. Uexter to .f ulitis Kamse ; theuce north forty slx deinen, went to the south boundary of the Michigan Central Kailroad; them irettartj aloug the ttouth boundary of aaid i all ruad, crotiliig Mlll Creek to the southwest boundery of the public highway leading MUI Creek f rom the villaje ot Dexter to the town of Dexter; thence along the muit weel boundary of the highway aiote-aid south-easterly to a ttakt in tbr Mjuthwest boandary Of aid hihway, rtaudini: north eveuty and half degreee, eat sixty-mx iiikrt froin the northwe-it romer of naul uexter'a ban. ; thence outh twenty degree, thirtv-ÖTC minute, Wft tn chsiBt and Itnkxtoa ¦'landing oouth tevemy four and a hatfdagiaas, i venty-three Ünkn íroiu a black oak tree nine inchen Ín diameter, and nortb tuvent} four d wusl link" Irom a white uak KTM mth inchen iu diameter ; thence pouth sixty-ninc dereen twenty live minutt'n, eaat two ctianif and flfty-tix link to tbe nnll pond; thence easterly acnwn tho mlll pond to a white oak stump on the aoutbeasl bank ther-ii, nine inches ín duinieier ; v north liiriy dt-rt'c-, HM nirety-t-iht linkn to a etake ntandlng, uorth eighty-lour de-nvh, ea--t mur linkn trom a black oak tree, mixteen tuches in diameter; thence north flve dflpwt, MM one chain and scventy-Avc links toa poot; thence north twentj-flve defnoi and tbirty minutei, eart twochaineand ninety811 links to a tak e on the Aouth boundary ot "C" ir. -i or Aun Arbor road ; thence lo the place of befbuüng. And alao tbc richt and privilege of flowln? with water, and at all times overflow) ui; and kecpln overflowed with water so much and pucIi parte of tbc northwet qiiarter of sectlon namber seven and all of tactiofl ninnber six in township two, south of ranjre five 9Êt(L ai may or can be overriowed by raUiiij; the water in the mili pond on the premlses abore conveyed to tbe he.ight and level ot' a certain pike drivcn in a errtaín laffM oak iree etandfn on the eaet bank of mlll rrrek in the valley thereof, a few bclow the dam on wbich the raad onaai said creek at the rflttfffl "f DoxtOf, and of a mark made corrcKpond thei with and a natl drivcu therein )n bt nidr ot itie toCOBd pOM (conntins down rream) from the gateg of tlie font oi ttic Mw-mll] on the wout bank ot said creek at said Um m Mi iqIqtt Th ihnnllinr nf tllii post, said markn n naid jllin Wdêi mui on -aid oak truu bein' the HHDic iiiHrkM whicli mr( placed títere by E. Koe and II. Thloioilll i vil enmeers, ai tbe time ot nakin tbc maik of the same heibt on the urist mlll t iaid dam (ttince bumed) wliith markt Iihm MM centrally uiulefviood and known by the peraonn workiutf in and about the rit mili and nawnil! at sald dam and generally spoken of and n ¦- ferrcd to as the height or mar lo w hu h the water of said dam miiíht M lamed. '1 hipt -onveyancc ii made ulijn t io II ïncntnttrance oi all roadx, streel and niiways now laid out or running thronh over or mto any part of the pMBItOM above conveyud and ;il-i) MTTlaf all that plaoa r nar cel of land ler-tuiore (onvey.d trom TboBUJ 1'ealt. .Ir., and Alvah Aldridi to ttamael W, LKXW and by said tO HtMiiy Vinkie. All thoïe certain or parcela ofiitnl situaied n Iluron river in the townhip of Seto in the county of WMtatmftw and stiitc ot M chipan knowa d the Scio mili property to'ether with alt the Hyrauli'" power and pmileye asberetotoie u!ed for be BMt and purpoüies oi uld nnll aud all the riLhts nd DftrliMJM tiwned and held in lelution to the iceplug up ot the dam to the height oi tltfbl fM ud two inchX'H above the natiir) hrrel of saio Iluron i ver and the riiihT of ftmrtflg the above said mili beiug tbe WM pUBlw the undivfded half of hich was conveyed to Hciiry Miydam, Jr.( by Nelon H. Wínff by deed dated January 'lst, A. D. 1S57 nd recorded in líber IA ot derds ]"n the Heuiter's Ih'ce of Wahtenaw county on page 879 and the ther undivid-d halfwas couveyed to emid Wuydam n foreclosnre of a niortage made by (ieorge Wnl er nnd V Hitam Popkiti ny mutuf in CbanceryV eed dated 'iid, A. t). ISTjü, and recorded in iber 8J on page -M.W and by tbe HMid Stiydam coneyed to John Gardner by deed dated March "ird, A. D. 1967, and conveyü lo Editar Heed on iorelonure ui the mortgaije glven by safd (iardner for he purebase money bi Marter in Chancery'e deed datud Oct. let, A. 1). iü"i, and recorded ín llber 4ï 1 doodl OV DtgCI ?" iu Uld Rgi8tr's nftlr And by Kdgar lieed cottrcyd lo Al met Heed by dcd datt'h i'jit. lth, A. D. lstil, iiud reeorded iu líber i on page 514; a portion oi ttaid mlll property Ís embraced n a deed made by Samuel w. Foster to Orson uaekenbush dated July is h, A. ü. 1KÏ7, and reorded in líber "K" on page i-Ss and Ís eupposed to eecribe said mili property by metes and botinds: Alao all the land and premises conveyed by the Michigan Central railroad Company to Almet Reed by deed dated April lftt 1881, and recorded In Über i on page BM Togetber witn all the rigbto and interats of whatsoever kind conveyed by Almet Hecd 0 John W. Green by deed dated Aiiffunt let, A. 1. siï, nnd recorded in faid Kegi-ter's office Sept. tith, 804tin liber 54 of deeds on page 259. Also tbe folowing decribed and premises known as tbe George Walker store (so cal led ) at Scio villagc as lescribed in a deed from A. 11. (ireen ana wif. to ieWJt Walker and remorded in the office of the iegister of deeds for Washtenaw county in liber T ' ot deeds on page til and 446 and whicb last lescribed lands were aleo deeded by Artimug M Grimn and Slijah W. Morgnn to John W. Green on be liith day oi Aug. A. I). is;i, and recoided in said Kegister's oföce on the 9th day ot September, A. D. ¦M.i. ín libr M of deeds on page 274. All of the above AeMribod imrcel of laud and premiaes being he same conveyed by said John W. ureoa and wife o John M. Markell and said Wflliatn C. Hughes by ieed recorded in taid Uegister's oftice in liber 66 ot deeds on page 217. The following descrlbed piece or parcel of land, o wit: Commencing at the north-east corner of blmk 'hibteen (lb) in the village of Üexter, in the county f Washtenaw, and running thence along the east ine of Biid blork, Ín a southe.rly direct ion, one hun Ired and flfty ieet, thence westerly on a line parallel with tbe Ann Arbor road, twenty-five feet, thence north westerly, on a line parallel with tbe easmrly ine of said block, to tbe Ann Arbor road, thence caaterly, along tbe line of said road, to the place of ginnW. Also the undivlded one-half of lot number nine ft) in block namber seventeen (17), oí the villare oi Dexter, accordini? to the plat thereof. All of said land being in the rounty of Wasbtenavv and Stnle t Michigan together with the tenemeuts, and appurtenance there unto In any wUe elongin or thereupon ituated. Ann Arbor, March 4ih, A. D. 188t PATKICK McKERNAN. Circuit Court Commissioner in and for the County of Waehtenaw. Sawybb and Ksowltos, Solicitors, and H. J. )bakes of Counsel for Complainant's. JambbT. Honet snd Euwahu I. Kinnk, Soliciu; - tor Dcfendants. ASSHiNKE'SSALK. I, Charles S. Gregory Astignee of Erarts & Co., wlll sell at the same time and place mentined in be above notice of Chancery tale, the other undiided one halt of tot uuraber nine ii) in block numi-T -'-venteen ( 17) of the village of Dexter, according to the recorded plat thereof. and on the same terms nd comlitton m oth.-r huif t aid premlees or nanied in the ftbove sale. Sald pxemiset are nituatcd in the county of Waphenaw and Btate ofMicbigao. CHAKLES 8. GREGORY, 1032-10ï)ft Assigneeof Evarts &Co. otKc to Credltors. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, se, Nitice lo berehy given, that by an order of the robate Court for the Cuunty o( Wafhtennw, made on be fourteenth day of March. A. D. 1881, fix monthn rom that date were allowed for creditors to present helr claims agaiuet the eatate of Isaac Eiliott. late of said county. deceased, aud that all creditortt of sald deceaed are required to present their claims to eaid Probate Court, at the Probate office, in tne city of Ann Arlor, for examination and allowance. on or before the fourtetnth day of September next, and that uch claims will be beard before said Court ois : ay, tbe tourteentb day of June, and on Wday, the fourteenth day of September, next, at ten o'clock in tbe forenoon of each of said days. Üalcd Ann Arbor, Mirch 14th, A. D. 18H1. W11.L1AM ü. HARKIMAN. 1030 33 Judsre of Probate. Commlssloners' Notice. OTATE OK MICHIGAN, Connty of Washtenaw, ss. J The underelgned haviufi been appomted by the 'róbate Court for said county, OommtftMonen to eceive, examine and adjut all claims and demande of all persons atainst the estáte of Joehua Coebman, ate of said county, deceaeed, hereby give notice that ix montbs from date are allowed, by order ot naid 'robaie Court, for creditors to present their claims gainst the estáte ot said deceased.and that thev will meet at the office of George W. Turn Buil, in tae vllage of Cheleea, in said county, on Pridttv, tbe third ay of June, and on Saturday, the third day oí Seo ember next, at ten o'clock a. n.t of each of said ., to recelve, examine and adjust said claims. Uated, March :id, LSfl. MICHAEL .). NO1 IS, f romiiwinitKRii 028 31 HIRAM PIEKCK. obmissiohbrs. Estale of Jacob Vandewarker. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Coanty ot At a session of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw. bolden at the Probate Office, In the city of Ann Arbor, on Monday, the lourteemh day ol March. in tbe year on tbousand eiht hundred and elghty-one. PresentjWilliamD. f laminan, Judcr oí Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Jacob Vandewarker, deceased. On reading and flllng tbe petition, duly verifled.of Frank Vandewarker pmylng thatadminis tration of said estáte may be graoted to himself or ome other suitable person. Thereupon it f ordered, that Monday, the eleventh day of April next, at ten oclocloelu the forenoon, be assigned for the hearing of sald petition, and that the h eire at law of sald deceaaed, and alt other persons intcrosted in said estáte, are required to appear at a scssloo of said court, tben to M holdfii at tbe Probate Office, in the city ol Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any there bef why the pniyer of the petitioner shoultl not be granted. And it is fnrther ordered, that said petitioner ,'ive notice to the hinuin interested in said estáte, of the pendency of said petitiou, and the hearing thereof, hy ranslng a cony oi this ordur to be pubio The Ann Arbor VourUr, a newtpn[er printed and circulatinii in oaid county, tbree Micceosive week to said day ot hearing. (A true copy.) Wll.LIAM I). HAKIilMAN, Jndtffl 0Í l'robutf . WM. O. DOTY. ProhatP Register. KXW-ït Mortgagc Sale. DBFAL'LT hivlng bcn mude in Um cdnditicme of a mortcaire eïeented by Jam H. Mono and PnaoM I. Slone.his wlfe, to 1.. Allim and Compimy partner, bwirlng date Noremb r lu h. A. D. lTH, and recorded in the office of the regiuur of .1. nitor Wulitenaw countv, MichiKan, on Ihc llth day of Nnvember, A. D., 1Ï79, at 7 o'clock v. m., f thai day, in liber 5X ol' Beit((a, u pnce 't". ly whlcli il.-iHult the power of salr containcd In aid mortgage hecame operative, and no milt or procMÓiac in la' nr liimty lutvint; Uien iTicti utcd lo rcovrr the dbl Iby ald mortnaife, or any part thercof, nd the eum of cltht hundred and nlnc dollars and lltlythree cents, at tho date of thl notice. being ciminrd to be due upon said inortiraev, notice is tharaion hereby iven that said mortRaire will be lorcloeed by a sale of the morton - therein describeil, ur wik part thereuf, to-wit : All that ceruin ptooa ei parcel of land situated in the city of Aun Arbor, county oí Wanhteuaw, Btate of Michigan, dewrlbed as beine lot niniiber twentTflvc (25) (except two feet In width off trom the north xide of xaid lot) In Jewett' additlon to the city of Aun Arbor, accordtng to the recorded plat ther. oi h recorded In lib.r 87 .r Éaadt, n ]Ke 7H, at public vendue, on Monday the twentythirdday of May, A. l. issl, at noon, at ihe norlb door of the court house, In the cltjr of Aun Albor, In sald connty, that beinif the place ol holding the circuit court m „id county. LAWRENCK ALLISON, I8AA0 ALI.IM'N. Dolng bnalness under the firm oaine of Allison A ("ompany, Morttaeeea. SiwriR Knowlton. Attorney. lie7-39


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