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i -!aíf r Juwi Mf('nirrjr QTATE iK MICUlQANtCoaiiirofWMtatmwvM Al a eulon of Prohaic 'nart for theConntyof Wanhtenaw. holden a' ln l'rol'nh' o Mi re, ir the city ol Aun ArUr, on Turtdüy, the flmt day of Mirch, ín the yt'r ou thimsaod t'íifht humlred aud cihty¦ n). hwit, Wiüiniíi I). llai-riman, Judjfe oí Proba U1. In the mnttT of ihr eutnte af Jamo M Creery. ¦+" MÏM& n raarifatf ami fllinj; the petltion, duly rertiadfOi Wtllbun Mci'reerjr, praytos that be miy be lio ttae nal i-natf w he reo f id de¦ ili (1 íTixcd, for die trihutiim and to pay debtf and fxiM'iKw!. Thoreupon it ll onlcrcd, that Tnenday, the Ütfa day of March, lartant, at teu o'clock ín tbe (drenóos, be MalffMd for üm hearing of satd petiiion, .4 nd ttmt ttie heirs at law f id deceated, aod all otbr pertonfl lnteroatd te raid eatate, are reqaired to ¦pjitf at ttwakn of said court, theu tu St boldeo ,n tbfl Protatt ertlce, in city ot Aun Arhor, m4 imw hsn, íf any tbere be, why ibe prairr it thc potitimier ehould not be grauti'ii. And it !¦ further ordertd, that said petitioner tflve notire lo thc personn taterwtod In aid entaH', oí tbe P' -iidfucy ol urtid pctltum, and the h-irn. tr tln'rvof, ny rsueitijí a copy of Hile onlrr to be publUhed in thc Ann Arbor Vourier, a newnpaper printed and ctrcnlatíntt fn said county, threr oucoetsive weeks rrvrtOM to hÜ day oí huarlng, (A true copy.) WILLIAM D. HARKIMAN, Judge of Probate. WM. G. DOTY, Probate Reffloter. 1028 ¦ Kstate of iêWÊM W ClMMtttl. QTATK OF MICHIGAN, County ofWabtenaw. os. At a sesulon of the Probate Court for the County oí Waihtt'iuiw, holden at the Probate Office, iu tbe clty of Ann Arbor, n Tuesday, thc first day of March, in thc ycar one thounand t-ijjbt htiudred kiid clhtyone. Prtr-eiit, Williain D. HarHman, Judge ol ProtiHlf. Id the matter of tbe estáte of James P. Clemente (I. WiNiam l. Kier the admiuif!ralor of said tHtatt'. 0OBC lu'o court and n-pretu-ntn that he now prepared U tender his final account as suca adininintrafor. Th'Tcupon it in ordered, that Turnday, the twentyriiuth d.iy of March in-tatit, at ten o'ctock in the lorenoDii, be a--ÍL'tMil ror cxamininir and allowinn such aciinr, anl tnnt ihe hei ib at law of said dc and all edMf pfWOI int renU-d in said tttttt. are requlred to appar at a sesión of sald court, theu to be holden at tüe Probate Ornee, in the city of Ann Arbor, Ín eaid ronnty, and show caune, lf any there be, why The pñú uccount (hould not be allowed. And it Ís fartherordercd.that ciiid adminietrator Ivenotlceto !h pMOM interested in raíd said estáte, ol the pendenoy of eaid account, and. the hearing thereof, by caiifling apy of this order to be publishfd in the Ann Arbor ÖourUr, a newtpaper prínted and circolated in eaid county, ihree weck previous lOSHÍdday of hi'itriii. (A true copy.) WiLLIAM D. ÏÏARRIMAN, Jndge of Probate. WM. G. DOTY, Probate Résister. 1028-1031 Estáte of James OTonnor. OTATK OF MICHIGAN.Coiinty oi Waöhteuaw,ss. At a session of the Probate Court for the County ol Washtenaw, holden at the PTobate Office, In the city of Ann Arbor, on the Ifith day of March, ín the year one thnufland ejgtt hundred and eigiity one. Preeent. William I). llarriman. Judge of Probate. In tlU matter of the esiate of James O'Connor deCMMed. On reading and fllinjr the petition, duly veriIled of Mary Moroney, widow of tmld deceaed, prayinthat her dower In the real estáte, of which said decMMd dld fei-ed, may b na4nd to her locordlng to the statute In tocfa case made and provi'tfd, ind l William b'. Brcakey praying that parHlon of aid reat estáte may he made bttwecn the it-irs at law of said deceancd or their SMtflM. Thercupon it i ordered, that W'edneaday, the hlrteenth day of April nest, at ten o'cluck In he foreuoon, bc aesined lor thc hearlns of said etitlon, and that the heit ;it law of said deceaaed and all other perrons intereeted In suid estáte, are retiulred'to appear at a new"ion of faíd court, then o M holden nt the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, and ehow cause, if any there bc. why the rayer of the petitioncr chould rot be ?rantcd. And t ie tartte ordwed, 'bat tai(i [irtitloner givc colice O t'ic perMHIf intereied in said estáte, of the penleticy of M petiiion.and the hearing thereof, by figttttng a copy of ihio Otém to oe published in the LbEi Axbor Ctiurier, a tu-wspapcr pnuted and circufttiw in taid rounty, ihrecsuicceasive weeksprevions 0 iaid day of hearing. (A truc eopy.) W1LMAM D. IIAHIIIMAN, .ludiré of Probate. WM. (i. DOTY, Probate Register. 1080-: .1. 8, MAÑJtfT" ARCHITECT AND BUILDER. 1&8 located on the Whitmorc Iike Rbad, one mile rom the city of Ann Arbor, and will now give hif attention to nis old busit, FÜRNISHING PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS Al nutit VF COHTRA' TM. All those who antlclpite buildint; will do well by calliriE on him, as hls prtoei will be very reaaonable. 1029-4-i OSCAR O. SORG, IIOUSK, SKiN AN1 HO Hl ALSD I'APKK HANGIS'G. N0. 11 EAST LIBERTY STREET. All Wurk Done Promptly aml Neatly. UU SI J. A. POLHEMUS' LIVERY STABLE Tbc best and moet ex'enslve In the city. HACK AND BUS LINE Kunnlng to all train? Dlght and day. ONLY LINE WHICH RUNS TO NIGHT TRAINS. The best hack in the city for ladies callinK. Orders fllled pramptly for all kinds of conveyancve. Particular Áttention to Orders for Funerala. Cor. Main and Cathakine St., W AKHOK, ¦ MICHIGAN 1 11 XPR0FESS0R m i Uw II Lm Made from l'rofeuor ilor.fonl1 Acid Phoaphata. Kecomniended by lftdinp phyalclann. MlkM lichter iK-uit, akri, it-.t mud in healthier than ordluary lSakiug Powder. - In oans . Sold at a reaannablx prlr. Th Horaford Almanac aud Cook Book ¦entfree. lïilmford Chemlral Work, Providonce, U. 1 A. ü. KNSIQN, Agent. Ml Kairmount 8t., Cleveland, O., and HS LakeSt., Chicago. 1CHS79 TUTf 'S PILLS INDORSED BY PHYSICIANS, CLERGYMEN, AND THE AFFLICTED EVERYWHERE. THE GREATEST MEDICAL TRIUMPH OF THE AGE. SYMPTONIS OF A TORPID LIVER. Los of appetite.NRiisPft.howclR coative, l'ain in theTTead.with a dull nenaation in the back part, Pain under the ahoulderblaile, fullneaa after eatinx, with a diainclination to exertion of body or mind, IrritabibtT of temper, Low spirits, IjOM of memory, wit h a feelíng of having neglected aome duty, wearinesa, Diaiineaa, i'luttering of the Ileart. Dots before the eye, Vellow 8kin, Headache, Heatleaaneasat uight, hiRhly oolored Urine. IF THESE WARNIN08 AKE UNHEEDED, SERIOUS DISEASES WILL SOON BE DEVELOPED. TUTT8 PILL8 r -perlally adapted la irn-li tliTt.'" effect urhachanga of ferliiiK an to antonlnh the HuffTrrr. They lite Apptlt. n n.1 rause the boly 10 Tbr au FlHih. tlius ystem it nonrlihHl. and by llit-n Tonlr Arttonon tbe IHfnllirOiwna, Kolr looi re pro(ïucci l'rii-f -r .-eiitH fl Tliirrny HU, H.. TUTT'S HAIR DYE. (iiay HAiKor WiitsKKR rhanfrwl nduiasY lïi.A. K by a Mutile HpphrathHi of tkli Iyic. It iiiiparis m, natural rul ur, arta Instantaiieoualy. BM by Ui uintM, or iil bj fifiH n rweft f $1Oftice, 30 Murray St., New York. (1), Tl 1 is KtM I f Tftluftlilr I..r,.rnmtl.. td h iM-rul Kfrript will hr ¦ftllr4 KKKK M pUr.llM.# mu _ _ -_- w v nunwlTM tij maxiag aioner wdid ft goVltn I I ¦¦ chnc Uofhrvd, therebr lwy kvepta pII tTtj trom yor door. TboM whn .Iw, uke ¦f .U'anuut f tt K"d cbaocei for MRkloK ¦ I I tuoneT thmt re olTertKl gcotrally sceone I tfiiUhy, while tbo wlio do oot inirov neh II I cbNOOM rciuaia tD po%ertr. We Wsbi oihot ¦ ¦ mJmAm. maa, womei, t.y u.l fl'rU to work for u rlght In their ova locAlitien. Tbe t.uinp- UI [y nor tfeaa tin tiiuM ordlnarT wgm. Wt rarolsb ui xpcDilr outOi aud U tbkt 7011 necd, rra. N oa who eotM falta lo niaka mioaty ?rj rvli1lT. You en devote roar wbole tlm t th work, or odIv jour kir rnooMDU, Full lorormatluD and all Ihat t ae1d MBl tvvm A.Mi.1. IvuiMHI t Oo . 1'rttiuJ. Ukln 10UT S


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