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C. Mack is in New York purch:i-ing goods. Burt Lyman, of Corunna, is visiting at D. C. Falla'. Mrs. Wm. Hui is in Pennsylvania, visiting her párente. R. E. Frazer is to address tho pmpld "I Pontiac to morrow night. Fredrick Gakle, of Lodi, hfta MMpted a situation in Joe T. Jacobs' store. Miss Orrie Purish, of Pontiac, has been spending the past few days in the city. Prof. G. W. Km,l„. „f M1n haH been visitiog his parents the past weck. Frank Einerick spent a few days in Moaroe the past week, on profesional business. Mr. R B. Braddock, of By City, spent last Sabbath in the city, a guest of Aid. Keech. Mayor E. P. Allen was in the city the first of the week, genial, jovial and hearty as ever. Mrs. Win. E. Ross, of Frankfort, Ind ., nee Ada B. LeVan, is in the city fiaiting her parents. Densmpre Cramer, Bêq., has been in Erie, Pa., this week, attending to snme legal business. Prof. W. J. Cocker, and family, of Adrián, are in the city, visiting his parents, Dr. B. F. Cocker and wife. Edward Corselius, who recently disposed of the Midland Democrat, is visiting his mother in the 4th ward. Mrs. B. S. Waite, of Lansing, has been visiting at the home of her father, D. Cramer, Esq., for several days. Chelsea Herald: "Miss Katie Ilooker and Josie Oxtoby attended the junior exhibition, at Ann Arbor, guests of Miss Nellie Whedon." Prof. v . S. Ferry, superintendent of schools, has been absent tbr several days, having been called to New Vork by the death of bis mother. Wat. Pack, cashier of the lt National bank of Ypsilanti, has been confined to bis home in thia city Tor several days by inflammatory rheuniatism. Mrs. E. C. Redman, of Monroe City, Mo., accompanied by her husband and little daughter, is visiting her parent-. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Geer. Sibley G. Taylor, of Tawas City, at one time a merchant in this city, and a circuit court commissioner of the county, was in the city the past weck, looking over the old stamping ground. We regret to state that Judge Lawrence has been conGncd to his home for some time by a carbuncle on hi.s neck, erysipelas setting in to make his condition worse. He is still quite low. Zach. Chase, mayor of Flint, will speak to the red riblrm boys to-morrow night, and together with his wife will be enter tained at Prof. J. B. Steere's during his sojourn in the city. The Quiocy Herald of March 25th bas this item: "Mrs. Judge Harriman, of Ann Arbor, accompanied by her son Cari, is visiting her daughter Mrs. D. A. Allen, at the Commercial hotel for a week." Wm. O'Rourk, of Ft. Wayne, Ind., prosecuting attorney for Allen county, a young man of pleasant address and genial mannen, was in the city the first of the week, and introduced to our business men by Mr. Rouscup of the Daily News. Wallace W. Bliss has secured a position as traveling salesman for the wholef-ale tobáceo house of ft. Wagner & Co., of Detroit. Having the territory of Michigan. In securing Mr. Bliss the firm have made an excellent sclection, as lie is an eoergetic, goahead, capable business man.


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