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W. TREMAIN iianiR Apiicr OFWH oves caspes ttturi oaocm store COÍ III KON AND F('! KT! Norlfi BrllMi 'omi') (of London and KdinburRh,) Capital f 13,0O,0UO. Gold. IK'lroll und flarini' In. o OmMmM WHO Sprlngflcld In. 'nip') . ol'Mn. l'ih Assets ?l.SO.i.n! lloiiiinl In o. Co,, of f York Cash Aet5 ll.uw.OUO. Agriciilliirul Inoiiraiu-c 4'oiiip') WATERTOWN, . MU VnK. ouh i funvm I M il .'laliy adjut] and pruuiptly paid. jr ¦ GËTTHE BEST! LEAD ALL OTHEBS ! Every Sty Ie & Price. Guuranteed TJneqtialed FOR OPERATION. ECONOMY, DURAB1LITY and WORKMANSHIP. Improveoeats and 'Convenientes found ia ¦ oo'oÜierE. AlwaysÏReliable. POPULAR. E VER Y WH ERE. For Salo inEvery City and Town in the TTnited State. And by John FruiMBBi Anu Arbor, Mivta. ïoai-iu-iii HAD, TIINK AND BElIlVf! THE LITTLE GIANT PflflKBT SGALBS The Qrsatbsi invkntion of the Ahk. ShMETIIINU KOK BVKRYBODT. A new Invcntion of rare morif, uhich inust not bc claesed with the cheap. mUenb ailair that are now (loodln); the country. " THK LITTLE OIANT POCKET SCALE9," 1h a neat and ueful articlc, which In time will tl:row all tb oü fogy tcalea and balancee into the ehadc. They weigh aci tratelt from onc ounce to elglit poundn. Carefully huilt and contriicted by ckiUful workmen, they will w: the best satififactlon whi'rcvei introduced. Fo"1 beauty and vorkmai)?hlp they take the lcad. Hcavi ¦ lyplatedwlth nickel sllrer, they cannot tarafoha rutt. These peales aie ao smalt and portable that they can bc easily carricdinthc vest pocket and occupies no more space ihana nmll pi 'kct-knlfc. These Scales aic durablk. htrons and AcrimiTx, and with ordinary usage will last alifetime without getting out of order, as they are built upon an entirely new principie, which the inventor apent ncarly two yeare in prefecting. They are pronouuced by Ned Bltkti.ine, (E. '-. C. Judson,) and other leading American sportsman to be superior to any scale heretofore imported Trom Enrope. and they should bc secn to be appreciated. Just the thingforsportsmen, trapp r?, hunters, agenta, travelere, and family use, in fact, "Somethino ron Evkhyuody." Nu (hïrtlfr in the world cun give yon a scale equal to the "LITTLE GIANT" for ñvo times the price askcd. The pattern is nearly constructcd and ñuely finished. Evcry icale we send ont Is In perfect order and are warranted so or moncy refunded eviry time. Satisfaction guaranteed in every case. Thaae Hcaleg re no "(ATCiirKNNï' afi'air bat somethini; both ood and usefui to every pereon in the land. . AGENTS WANTED Everywluri tn -. li these s in allseciions of the country, asyou will flnd Ihi-m the flltsst irilllg artlcle on record. "Bio DieoouüTs" are offered to ajrents, dealers and the trade. Our motto is "Live and Let Live," "tukk gales and small protlts," clrcnlars, terms, and full partlculnrs ent (ree to any iMven. One sample scale, put op in a neat case, sent by mail to any addres on receipt of V)c. (:i-cent postage stamps taken, or you can send a One Dollar Bti.i. an wc will send three scule-.) Addres all ord"s "C. B. THOMPSON, Sole Nanufaeturer, Bridgewater, Conn. uBi-ton ¦ OOMBEfl I CAT.VLOOrK OF ¦ I WUl bt Mailv.1 Frcr to all xcho applij by I I.tllcr. ¦ I Our l:prriniriilal Cronnds In ¦ ¦ li t h wc it our li-.mlilcund ¦ ¦ Flunir scl re moitcoinpletc ¦ Hand our BiwhouMi for l'luni ¦ ¦ (r.nrrln: 3 nr- In clat), re ¦ ¦ thi' lar(ct in Aiuiriia. ¦peter henderson &co.I 35 Corflandt Street, New York. 51. Pillows $1 .-- ¦ach. :C Ih. ïo(1h íi, --SA-iM-Jfc , dry pirkcd '. ¦¦HmKvÍiJa. 1 lb., Oeene Feathur Ja [¦¦¦ dftc., .T. w. Horrtoou t 70' l Jelfernon Ave, TtrBwMMBa s mim.k i'iu.K jÊÊmiSuX wÊ Cbeapwi Fcatln-r Dosten léw gg B In thr World. "" 1022-34 j k ""tot rtiralNbl rree, vltb fu'l lostrurtlon fhr eoo. I [¦ Juctliif tb DMMitprofltaUulMH thdt anj-oof cd l I II agaca la. The buninest t rj to learn. and imt V II timrucilooa nlmpte and p!in. that - M I II CD U1'"" fl froflu frr.tii tbe vnrr atarl. No ou 1 I II cao fil rio li IllíriK u ¦'. . Wouirn r au neIII ocwful aa meo. Boji and pirl can sant lar irnni T M. F UaiiT have made at tho liuiiieM uwr hunitn-l dolían In ¦iuglo ank. NoUiiog tikt it ver kuowa befora. Al) vho D(a( ar aurprlMd at Uw aM and rapMuv witb whlcb tbef are ablfl to tnaka money. You oan eogaf Is thla bualne) darinc your apar tima at (rrat pruilt. You do not bave to lareat capital iu iL tako all ib ri-k. TbOM wtto iifl rradj muur y .buuldwritc uiltoM. AtlfaruukcdTm. AddrMt Tua Co. AipiU, Main. 10U7 ia


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