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The Old Brown School House

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In memory's hall hangs the picture, And yers of sad care are bet ween ; It hang with a beautiful gilding, Ana weil do I love it, I ween. It stood on a bleak country corner, But boyhood's young heart made it warm ; It gtowed in the sunshlne of summer; Twas cheeri'ul in winter and storm. O, gay were the sports of the noontide, When winter winds frolicked with toow. We laughed at the freaks of the stonn-king And shouted hini on, all ag!ow. We dashetl at his beautiful sculpture, Regardless of all its array; We plunged in the feathery snow-drifts, And sported the winter away. We saton the old-fashioned benches, HeguüeU with our pcncil and state ; We tnought of the opening future. And dreamed of our manhood' estáte. O. da of iny boyhood, I bless ye, Whlle lookfnK A Utm'm buay prime; 1'he treasures are lingrun with me I gathered in life's early time. O, still to that bleak country corner Turns my heurt, in weariness yet, Where, leadinjg my gcntle young sisters, With youthful compauions 1 met. I cast a fond glance o'er the meadow ; The hills just bevond it I see; Away in the charm of the ditUnce, Oíd schoolhouse, a blessing on thee !


Ann Arbor Courier
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