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Boer Courtship

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Anthony Trollope, ia hiswork on íjjouth África, (fat an account of the curious customs of courtship prevailiDg among the Boers. The young Boer who tbinks he wants a wife and has made up bis niind to look Cor one begins by riding around the country to find the article tbat will suit hini. YVhen he has uiade his choice, he puts on his very best and cleans his saddle or borrows a newone, andsticksa feathcrin his cap, and goes forth determined to carry his purpose. He takes with hiui a bottle of sugar-plutus - an article in great favor among the Boers and to be purchased at everv store, with which to soften the heart of the mother- andacandle. Everything depends upon the candie. It -hould be of wax, or dome waxlike compositton; but tallow will suffice it the proposed bride is not of very high standing. Arrived at the door, he en'ers, and his purpose is known at once. The clean trousersand the feather declare it; and the sugar-plums which are immediately brought forth- and always oonsumed- leave not a hhadow of doubt. l'hi ti the candie is at once offered to the young lady. If she refuse it the swain goes on without renionstraiing and offers it to the nexc lady upon his list. If she takea it then the candie is lighted, and the mother retire., stickinga pin into the candie as an intimation that the yuung couple may reuiain together, explaining their feelings to each other, until the flame shall have come down to the pin. A little salt, I was a.-ured, is often employed to malie the flame weak and so prolong the happy hour. Hut the mother, who ha perhaps had aemmom v ue sah in her owo time, may probably provide for this when arranging the distance for the pin. A day or two ifterward the oouple are married, so that ihere is not hing of the " nonsense" and xscasional heartbreak of long engagement.


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