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{.Condented Jrom our Uoxmty Kxchanget.) BKIIXiEWATKK. Jos. Lowrcy and wife are visiting in Hillsdale. The special town meeting is to be held on ilio 3L lusieail uf ilie 21 bu Geo. Rawson took his little girl to Ann Arbor to have a tumor removed, and reporta a suocessful operación. The next meeting of the Farmers' Club is to be held at the residencc of Henry Cal houn on May lst. The question for consideration will be : "What advantages to the common farmer is the purchase of reg istered sheep ?" The ClintOQ News gets off this : A Bridsewater townsbip faruier's wife, who heard her boy say that four aces beat one pair. thougbt aces were a new kind of fruit until sbe aked her husband to plant some ace trees. He planted the boy across hi knoe and played htm a full hand. CHELSEA. Mrs. Wm. Graham, of this place, was quite seriously iojured by a runaway accident at Manchester, recently. The Herald says : "This has been the best mapie .sugaroaon fbr scrcntooo jonm it is said. It bas also been an excellent season for tb. ose having wood to sell." A lodge of Knights of Maccabees has been organized here with 42 member.i. The following are the offioers eleoted : l'.ist 8ir K Com.L. E. Hparks. Sir K Com.- H. M. Wood. Lt. (Jom.- J. O. Qllbert. P. K.-Milo Baldwlu. K. K.-Wm. Martin. Prelate.- U. A. Carr. Sergeant.- L. E. Negun. lstst. or U.-J.p. Kouter. M. at A.- Ruel Speer. Sen'l.-W. C. Wlue. Plcket.- C'. W. Maroney. Chip Basket. - Work is progressing on the doublé track. A number of' new residences are being erected. Dr. Wright and Henry Van Antwerp lef't last Monday for the sea coast of Florida to reniain the summer. David J. Durand, of Turner Junetion, 111., is visiting rolatives and friendo in town. The Herald proposes electrio light for the village. Foster & Lighthall have opened a warehouee fur the sale of the wind mili. Trampa have to go geven miles to tind Supervisor Cooper, and earn their orders when they obtain them. The W. C. T. U. held meetings every evening last eek. DEXTER. Crystal tent, No. 279, Knights of Maccabees - not bumblebees- willhold a ball on the 2Oth iust., at Costello's hall. Miss Lettie Van lliper, of St. Mary'a, Ohio, a former Dexter girl, is to be inarried on the 26th inst,, at her bome. Leader: " Mrs. Johnson, President Fill SlOre's 8Í8ter. herso'f a ponoionor, ocut a Jollai to Mr. Wygant last week to help make up bis loss. This was an act worthy tu be reoerded." Lucas, of the Península milis, shipped last week and week before last eight car loads of flour ; and had an order for four car loads more this week. He bought 6,000 bushels of wheet last week. The recent meeting of the mission band at the Baptist parsonage, to bid its president, Mrs. L. L. Gage, good-bye, was an exeeedingly pleasant aflfair. The children gathered to the numberof 57, and presented Mrs. G. with a piece of wax work which they made themselves. In the evening the young peqplegave a surprise party to Frankand Nellie dage, and a juyous time was had. Chip Basket.- Byron Mc Cauley is in Denver, Col. Eddie Conklin's fore-finger was cut off by an adz a few days since. John Iiyan moved to his new farm near Eaton Rapids this week. Frank H. Magoffin hasgone back to Colorado a id joined the survey party he was with last year. Frank Taylor's poor health forced him to w uP hio poslilon with Bert Alley & Co. Sam Ileese and John Bross shot 20 ducks the otber day on Base Lake. Prof. Cook is slowly recovering from his second attack of rheumatism. L. C. Palmer & Son, have some excellent recommends for their blankets and woolen goods furnished state institutions. MANCHESTER. Ihe treasurer ol the township of Manchester, reoeived the tbe past year, endino March 30, '81, $8,496.93, and expended all but $539.58. The vault at the oemetery cost $684, $184 more than was appropriated therefor. A. F. Freenaan has been anpointed by the council, village attorney ; H. L. Rose, marshal ; and M. Fisk, poundmaster. The Enterprise very sensibly declines to pubiish the council proceedings unless some arrangement is made therefor. The Enterprise has this to say of an Ann Arbor merchant: "Mr. E. J. Johnson, for some 30 years a leading hat and cap dealer in Ann Arbor, has taken to the road thinking to improve bis health. He visited Manchester on Tuesday, and his fiicmK here enjoyed a chat with him. He ia traveling for a Kochestor house." Chip Basket.- At the postomce 30 lockboxes have been added. Mrs. J. Anthony killed 16 out of 18 striped snakes which she saw the other day- (dio first nke story of theseason. ) John F. Tracy is to work VV alter Case's farm. Chas. Fellows has recently sold several of his registered sheep. Rev. Mr. Saxton, of Columbus, O., has been hired for the coming year, by the Universalista. J. S. Case, ex-sheriff, has moved into E. P. Craft's house. Mum Flora Gage has been troubled with an uloerated tooth and neuralgia to sufth an extent that she is unable to open her mouth to eat, and the only nouribhment she gets is frooi brolti. SAI.1NP VVho keeps the eggs? Bro. Nissly, Bro. Le Baron or Bro. Miles? The Clark Bros. and V. I). Mea 1 have each imponed a span of Canada equines. Mr. J. H. Ford bas removed from Mooreville to Milán, to take personal supervisión of big new store. The editor of the Observer insinuates that the editor of the Ypsilaoti Seutinel "is an old fogy." J. R. Fowler froin Texas, has a railroad contract which will last hiui a year, and wants to bire 100 men to go back with liiiu. A few days since Mr. Walter Kanouse, of York, sold to Mr. J. II. Schwalm, two 2-years old steers which weighed nearly 2,800 pounds. John Gough has gone after that $21.000 left him by a deceased uncle in New York city. Said uncle died leaving $150,000 in cash to be divided among seven heira. Eider Hotchkins was chosen a delégate to the general asseiubly which meet at Butfalo, N. Y., next uiontb, by tbe bytery in ses.sion here last week. Tii.r body also Toted to have the synodscoiLposed of delégate from the presbyteries. ChipBakct. -Co. Cierk Clark and Capt Alleo were both in town the other day Miss Marie Caplin, of Lodi, h% gone to Canada to live. Mis Mary Moore has returned to L xii. W. S. Blackburn has been appointed marshal by the council. SHAKON. As there was a tie in the vote for school inspector of this township, in casting lot Augustus High drew the prize.


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