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Id Dowagiac democracy s Moonshinc. See Times for proof. The Leelanavr Enterpri.-e puta it "the levibishop ' murder record.' " Shoot the poética! pirate who writes the display headings of the Free Presa. The Freeiand Star inserta " Stg. Co." in ts date lioe. That's all right, we jut wanted to know, you know. The Edmore Journal was yery bitter against Judge Lovell, and rejoioes excdingly over hisdefcat with an illustrated editioD. Saiota alive ! VVhat a sight of oucoulent "sunny scissorisms, " the scissorist of the Sun of Midland, doej scissor. Great acissors. Our foreman tay if the Benton Harbor Palladiam proposes to "take the cake" oo the "ad," which it has copied from the Courier, he doubts its ability so to do, and we confirm hia "suspiciona" thereon. The Oakland County Advertiser, published at Holly, by Fred T. Slocum, has akipped along up to the end of the third year, and jumped into volume foar, smiliog and happy. The Advertiser ia a good paper, a credit to Holly and deserving of success. The St. Jo. County ltepublican, published at Centerville, has reoently stepped into a new volume. The proprietor, Air. C. V. Smith, bas been connected with the paper lour years. He bas chmbed np the newspaporial ladder with a firm and steady step, and the people of that vicinity bare reason to feel proud of the excellent journal they have. The Berrien Spring Kra has the oorrect idea respecting a certain class of people : There is no differeoce between the maa who enters your premises at midnight and robs you of your money, aod the man who takes a newspaper for a year or two and then removes to another locality with out paying arrearages or even informing the editor of' his whereabouts. If there u any differenoe the latter is the greater acoundrel of tbe two. The Wyandotte Herald should have iffixed the words "Ann Arbor Coürkr," at the bottom of its editorial n relation to correspoodents, or the same at the top with " Krom the " prefixed. We appreoiate the compliment to be sure, but at the same time we could aparecíate it more fully by receiviDg proper credit. Speaking of the text-book uuiformity bill before the legislatare, the editor of the Midland Kepublican, who is an old teacher, reiterates oor sentimenta : We have just received a copy of a bilí (Senate No. 131) to provide tbr uniform and cheaper school tezt-books, wbieh provides for a board of tezt-book comniissioners, and for five year contracta for furnish ing for the primary schools of the state, such booka as are selected by this commiasion. There may be some advantages in a uniformity of tezt-book 8yg(em for the state, but we have never had much sympathy with any movement of tuis kind. It seeniH as though such a system would present special temptation and opportunitiea for "crookedness." Referring to a certain class of human biped?, the Ovid Union says : Maple Rápida prides herself upon not havioe any loafers. What a lonesome placo Maple Rápida mast be ; why, loafers alwaya abound in tbrifty places. They are the sucker upon the growiDg erop, whether of corn in the field, or wheat in the head. Loafera infest every thriving city, village, and hamlet, as flies infest a silgar barrel or a molares cask. They lire upon the industry of others, and sponge a suíisistence because ts "vulgar" to toil. The loafer with all the rent, is often a reforiuer be can point out the errors of the business man, as well as the short-comings of a Government that protects him : ezpkin tariff, and tinance, and finally mounts the pede8trial of the critic. Maple Rápida no loafers ! Why, we ihought Maple Rapid was a sharp, driving, business town.


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