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Kx President llaves has been made a doublé ell dee, by the Johns Hopkins univer-ity, of Baltimore. Hod. lvowland E. Trowbride, of Pontiae, late Indian Commissioner, died last Wednesday, aged 60 years. The late Thos. Carlyle willed a portion of' his libniry to Harvard college. Some way the eastern universkies are always in luck. Ne'w York ie to have a tuusical foatival upoa a large svale on the first week of May, under the direction of Theodore Thomas. (on. Ixingstreet bas been nomina'ed by the president asU. S. marshal for Georgia. But when will he be confirmed, tbat's the question. Col. FreJ. Grant has resigocd his position in the army, to accept a positlon on the Mexican railroad of which hh father is president. Ncarly eveo' Btetmer coiuing from forcign shores has a large amount of gold for this country. The balance of trade islargely in our favor again. Sojourner Truth, who but a few mooths ago celebrated her one hundred and sixth birtbday, is lying dangerously ill at her home in Battle Creek. Ileports from the states of Illinois, Missouri anJ Kansas, respecting winter wheat, are very discouraging,but Minnesota reporti but little damage done. It is stated that Whitelaw Reid has resiued the editorship of the New York Tribune, lt is hinted that the management of his prosuective bride's millions will ocMinv all of his time. In Paris Mr. liennett is known as ".S 3n. (íordon Kennett, the American nobleman." We have many noble men in America . hut Sir, Jas. (iordon stands in the dim shadows, be's 80 far down the line. And now the Columbus k Toledo R. R. talk of extending their road from Toledo to Detroit. As tliere are only four or five railroad unes now connecting these two cities, it would seeiu alniost a nece&sity. 11 l'riuces.s Dolgorouki is said to be the fortúnate pOMMMt of $30,000,000!" Great Orones, but isshe? Well, is she uiarried? Has she declared her intenciona ? 1 toes she want somebody to see her home from meetin' ? Teil us all about it, quiek ! ! Tuesday's dispatches brought an account ui' a terrible horror iu the burning of anothur baUM asy luai. This time it is at Anna, Ilünoi?. Are these the result of criminal carelessness, or what is the matter? It seeius very strange that io many should occur in so short a tiiin1. Official returns froui the entire slate, with the exoeptions of Isle Royale and Ontonagon counties, givc the republican candidates a majority over all competitors of C.C89, and & plurality over the democratie The reuiaining figures will niuke no material change. Watching the criminal columns of the f'or a few days past, we must say that Michigan, with her humane laws, compam favorably with other statesin respect to murder and other crimca. We do not see that capita! punühtDMt reduces crime to any extent in any of the state.'. An item joing the rounds : " W. Corcoran, the Washington philanthropist bas given away 19, 000,000 iu charity," nd aúü the Michigan cditur.s are plodding their weary way to the poor houes of the country entirely overlookcd ! Alas, alacie a day 1 or something of' that lort, as Tentoon would say. J5enj. D'Imeï, kuown for the past few years as Lord Beaconfidd, died at his home in London, Tue.sday morning last, at o'clock. In hi.s demise Queen Victoria Iomi one of her mori trusty and loved Iviscrs, who was moro congenial to her t ihtes as premier, thau any otbcr wlio has been elevated to that poeition sinoe her reign , and England Iones a shrewd statenman ; more keen u diploiuacy than strict in integrity. As liis illness has continuud fur a long time, bia dcath wa8 uot unexpected. He tas ot' Jewish origin, theonly one of tbat desoent who ever aspired to such hoDors in blue-blooded England. And btill the child's play continuo in the señale. It would serai as if such men as Senators Sherman, Conkling, Bayard, etc., were too oíd to kcep this dcad-lock up. The peoplc are oppoaed to the proceedings, and think tbat in some way the business for which thc sena'e waa called togetber ought to be pased upon. The salary of two or three officials, over wbioh the fight is waged, is but a drop in tbe bucket compared to the oost this deadlock is thrusting upon the people, not to speak of the nconvenience expericnoed by the executive department of the government. Hundreds of nominations are awaiting confirmation, and much other business remains at a stand still in con?equence. It 8 our huinble opioioo tbat the state of' Michigan is sufficiently well off to pay for a little advertising when she wanta it, instead of depending upon the newspapcrs to do it for her gratuitously. To Ilústrate. Laat elcction thcre were thrce constitu tional amendinetxts voted upon by the elector," "I this lato, ixl wa venture to assert that not one fourth of the people fully understood it. No one throughout the country was particularly intcrestcd, and the papers had vory little to 8ay about it. Now if the legiMature of this state had considercd these amendments of sufficient importance to be submittcd to the people, some metbod ought to have been taken of U'tting the people know what they were, so thcy couM have voted upon them intellincntly. A little money savcd froui printing worthlcss joint document-s, etc., and expended in thoroughly advertÍMi; sikIi aniendmenta, and getting theru bcfore the people, would be a wise idea. The present lcgislature, if' it is her intertion to subtnit any amendments, better ponder nver it a little.


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