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N. B. Of W. F. M. S.

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Tbc animal meeting of this society, of whicli a partial notice was givcn last week, was concluded last Friday evoning. Upon invitation of acting President Frieze the Hociety visited the univcrsity, befure adjouroing. The following is the list of offioers chosen for the ensuing year : President- Mr. 1. R. Hitt, Evanston, III Correapondlng Secretary-Mrs. J. K.Willlug, Chicago. Recordlng Sec. -Mr. I,. M. Quine, (Chicago. Treasurer- Mrs. K. P.Clndon, Evanston, 111. Delégate to toe general execullve counill Mrs. T. P. Haughoy of Iudlanapollx, Ind., Mrs. .1 E. Irlsli. Madison, Wi.; altérnate delegsiUs loumr. Mrs. K. I). Vork. Wllllamstot), Mlch., aad Mrs. H. K. ijurul, Chicago. OOXFEKBMCE SECRETARIE. Rock River-Mrs.L.A. Hagan, Elrahurst. III. ( cnlral Illinois- Mr. H. McCormlck, Normal, III Illinols- Mrs. Dr. J. A. Dougherty, Jacksonvllle. III. ¦Soiitliern Mrs. M. K. Slade, Vandalia. 111. Indiana Mrs. B. Smith, Mímele, Ind. Northwest Indiana Mrs.J.l'.Early, La Porte, Ind Southeast Indiana- Mrs. P. C. Hammond. Indlanapolls, Ind. MichUan-Mrs.M.T.Lathrop. Jackson, Mleh. Detrolt-Mra. F. U.York, Wllllaragton, Mlch. Wlsconsln- Mrs. L. S. Coleman, MUwaukee. W is Western Wlsconsln- Mrs. J. E. IrUh, MadiBon, Wis. 3KCRETARIES OF THE YOONO LADIES' SOCIBTIES. Rock Rlver- Miss Anna Downey. Clilcago, ('enter Illinois- Miss Joele OlddlngK, Uriggsville, III. Illlnola-MlM C. M. Cleveland. Hoiithern Illinois -Mrs.8cot[,farlonilnle. 111. Iniliana- Mis H.M.Llndley. Kvansvllle, Ind. North lu.llana- Miss KoseSmltli Northwest Iudlana- Miss Kate Webl). Southeast lndlana-Mrs. Phillips, Hhelbyville, Ind. Wisconsin-Mrs.A.W.Bold, Milwaukep, Wis. West Wtwoustn- Miss Kllzabeth Denlson, Eau Clalr, Wis. ' Detroit- Mrg. T. Stalker, Romeo, Mich. STANDING COMMITTEBS. Varlous standing commlttee were appoint ed, theChalrmanof whlch are glven herewltn Mlte-box- Mrs. R. R. McCabe, Chicago. 111. Medical Educatiou- Mrs. A.J. Brown, Evaus ton, 111. Photographs-Mrs. M. S. Pllcher, Jackson Mich. Mlsslonary Outflt-Mrs. I. L. Hauser, Evans páblication- Mrs. I. R. Hitt, Evanston, 111. Transportation -Miss Anna üunlop, Ind.; C Vowell, Illinois ; Mr. I). Preston, Michigan and Mrs. L. S. Colman, Wlsconsln. The noxt annual meeting it waa decidec to held at Eran9ville, Ind. The society are now educating two ladie for the Missionary field, Miss Long, o Michigan, and Miss Carey, of Ind. After a few remarksby Mrs. L. C. Yorlc expressing much pleasure because of the holding of tbs oonvention within the terri tory of the Detroit conference, the meet 'lüK adjournod.


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