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Circuit Court Proceedings

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The f'ollowing cayes have been disposed of since our laat report, up to Taesday noon : The Peopl ". Diuil.-r Loomla. Motion to (iiah iiiiurui&iion witudrawn. l'le not truilty en¦nd. The People va Jmt Imn. Same proceediiiB. Blizahrth Stapiah v. Jno.8tapiih. Bill dlamiased ïthout cc! to elth. r party m at'atnM the other. The People va. John Si' i'Ce %M 4n nrt $í cosí or three nmniha In countj jail. Klne Badd. The I'eople vk. Mirtin Bckerih, Jr. Pleal of not Ktlllty of aaMOlt and hitturv wilhdrawn and pl- of gullty eiittri'1. Sme aentence au ce atove. Fine andcoata pid. The Peoule va. Wm. K'-aiinc. Detendant ordered to appcar lor April 2-ld. Nlarj A. Rraintrd va. i.hv. S. Brainard. Proceedinm tof dlvorcc. Dlvorce granied. Frencea D. Woodruff va. Seth N. Hedgee. The i 'omplain&ut ordered to fnrnlah aecurity In the aum or f I5n, [or coala of defendant. wlih on or more auretlea. The following new rules werc promulgated by Judge Morris last Monday, to be bereafter inforee, and known as rules 10 and 1 1 : Kale 10. Jorora to bc drwn for the ereral terma nf the circuit court, ahall be aummoncd to attend on Monday of the aecond week of the term for which they are drawn. Rnle 11. The ftrstday of the term ihall be devoted to calllng the calendar, arralgnlng crimínala, hearlau motiona, etc. On the eecond day, the court cuea ahall bc on cali In thelr order, and ftfter the court caaea are dlapoaed of, ebsneery cuea hall be on cali In their order untll the flret week of term la rloaed ; and on Monday of the aecond week of term, the jury caaoa. Includlng criminal cue ahall be on cali In their order.


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