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How Officials Were Once Paid

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It i not a known historical fact, ihat ('rom 1777 to 1784 the territory tiow known as Tennessee formed a part of North Carolina, and that in 1782 the Ten m'ssèeans, beeoiuins: dissafisfied wilh their goveruuient under tho name of Franklin, which was maintained for some ycarH. The state organizaron afterwards disbanded, ;mil Territorial TwilllWHBII ¦MIllilHIIMMH to North Carolina. The following is among hc iaws pasoed by the legislature of the aikiin. We copy it as foand in v laniel Webster on the cur,,, . -uS naeted by the general assembly of the -t 'tr i t' Franklin, and it is hereby onaeted by the authority uf the same : 'l'liat trom the Iirst day of January, 1789, the salaries ol' the officers of thiseonjnionwealth be as fullows, to wit : "JlLs ' x ¦¦ IKney the governor, per ;innuni, 1,000 deer : " IIN honor the chief fiistibc, 500 deer skins : "The secretary to hú exeellency the governor, 500 raceoon skins : "The treusurer of the state, 450 raceoon : " Kch i-ounty elcrfc, 300 beaver skins: " Cleik uf ilie of cotunion, 200 laecoon .skins: " Member of the asseuibly, per dieiu, three raceoon ski ri - : "Justices' í'i.v fot signiog a warrant, one muskrut skin : " To the consísble for serving a warrant, úüp mirjk skin : "KnMted nto a luw the IHth day of Octobcr, JTS'J, under the ireat set] of the btate."


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