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„i XPROFESSORtt Made from l'rofeaaor UunfunU' A t.l Phoiphatr. Krconimrnrid by leadlnr phyftlrlan. Mtkrii li-liifr bi uit, taken, etc., and U healthler llian ordiuary üitkiur Fowdrr. ín cana. Sold t a reanonablc prlo. The Horafortl Almanac ud Cook ltook ¦ni f ree. Kumford Chemical Work, Providence, R. 1 A. D. ENSIOV, Aeent. 12 Falrmoantüt., Cleveland, O., ai. 1038 71 Ikell'ur. -I .mil l; v( '¦¦¦ 'in mr -MT JUdr. I AroltnMnntlxn of Hopa, Buchu, I d rak le and U.inUchon, t tu -t mi ¦ mak s thr gi eatext Blood Purlfler, Llver I RagU IXatpr, ¦"' ¦ ¦''¦ "¦' H jUiU I(.cttrunf I o Mis. ase cLan powribly Ion MM whíT Hop I ¦ i f us_i.o vaxitrU tuiii ,n.r ítvt ara tbeir I Thij giv cw uVt al rigor to ti ï1 "1 laflrm. I To all wlirNw emmploynifiiu cauae imfmlartI tyoftlirbowtloi% urlnary organa, or who rI quirvan AppetiwiTo'"0 nfi mild Stimulant, I Uop Bitter ar invajlWl' without IntOXI NoitiHttt-r whfttyourftW'ltTik' or rrraptomi I are wlutt distnheor airm11'111 h uw flop BitI twm, lhn't wa.tunUlyou%'v ata but lf yon I oaly fwlbai r niÍH,.rahl-.UMri them at once. I lt may iivd your lite K lia" v '¦( bundnxla. I $5OOíH be paldfor a cal thpy ti! not I onreorhclp. Do nat nalTcr ot l?t Tr friencU I ¦uftVr.htit une and urc' t ue Hop B I Krtnemlter, flop Hiínth is nUi drutnrod I drunkoD n..-t nim. but tbe im ¦' n d Bent I Medicine W niailr , the "lüVáLIDhv RlDD I i and H(P1" mi no 1-rn.iu Or family BB i ahoulrt wltbmit th. ni. A Pi..OJn absolute aml irrenlirttMe ou 11 r I njrik.i-ii o-, ¦) ?¦ "f oplurn, tnlxicco andlVH fort'ir'-ular. Hup BlIUn Nfk. '"., T ¦ ? " ! ¦ ¦ . CONSUMPTION. O tag lo ¦ popular idea that a rcniedy aá to care n nrletjr of maludiei shoald ba trciited with cautlon, n not iMpiclon, uní Inrootor hcnitatcd gome lime in ptactng ii before the public; batfirom thf ratifyi u ranee iy a cret uumiicr of ttiu nn vlialtzitie and beAlCh-renewiqg prafMrttel f hif prt-paration nf Bypopfaonb]lM, UMtar a variety oí circum¦taacea. he ím fcjiiHiIy KatlHtli'd that thiw fft'ecte are decured by Hh ume, ihat lts actíon 1 peculiar to hls prcptirHiion, hikI i 'onnuniptiou tfl uot only rurahle. lut, op t a certain ntage, if s vaslly ooutrolli'd & motl olber ttranic diíea-' - ??##?? Whilc ít ík the mm of tbe inventor to convey iuIbUDAtlOO to lach ft n-quire tim HypophuephiteM, il Ís his flrm belief that Un nr i be valnable to all who dehire a loog life or who are ttuLL;Iiug tor hcalth. With a faith baed npon the expertence of t wel ve yey. Ih voatd nol dpa1r of restoring a patiënt, su florín'; Trom the ¦hove-Duned diseane, evt-n thdujíh rediic.'d to a v,;ry luw ntatu aud not complicated by actual orjrtati Puta r, Mirn., May 10, 1880. ¦Sir; Allow me to say that I etteem your "Hyi'ophoaphJti-H" uioct hiyhly, and for tbose ennu which draw largely ou the nerroui h; stom it U Invrnioabls. I have used it mysclf with ihe mowt natlvfactory resulta and have in troduced it lo n largo number oí my people. Revereud R. W. HAIlíK, Pastor st. Michael's CathoJIcChurch. 1UK-I()6ceni UKIDlTBr VISEASES, U LIVER COJÍPLAUTTS, I 3 CQ1ISTIPAÏIQÏÏ mi PILIS. C Ir. K. H. Clark, South Haro, vt.. wiy, "locases p, ¦ of KJdneyTroubíeRit Imjxnü'd hkrñrhfirm lt VM H has ruiea rnany verv )ad cam of l'ik, aud has H g iif-ver failed toaot rtl Miitu ' fll NVIson Fairchild.of St. AUmiift. Vt.dayu. "lti U H of pricelew Talne. After atztoen yean Of Kr"t H VI MiiTt'inijf from I íl a aud CuhUtvuviui it coin H L i'l'ttly cuihmI me." I 'C. S. Hogabon, of Berkshire snyit, "One pack ¦ rk has done wonder for me tu .¦unpl.-ifl.Y I BI m ft severe Uverand Kidiu'y l'oinplainl." ÍN K1THKK LHM IU 01 IKY P0U IT HAS WUV? I WONDERFULff H ¦ ¦ POWER. J HBfrauM it MtiN the LITER, BOWELS P mwl KmYKYK at the samo time. I Because it cleansea the system of f H ooi humor that developa in Kidiiey and ¦ II nary Piseaaee, BiUousneaa, Jauudice, HJ m pation, Pilea, or in Hheumatiam, Neuralgia U I Nervoua Disorders and. Female Complainta. I I - ? M UT If '- put 'i ni Ir Vt'cetaMe Korm, In k ¦al (V quart of mi-dioiin'. lyAlso In ulii Korm.vrrT Conccat ratcd, H ¦ f y for the conveniem-e of thowe that eannot M j fcarrtsadily prepare It. It art irith f quai efficiency CT I y ín rithir ft-rrn, I ÜET IT AT THE DRCOGISTS. PMCT.,t.O0. L wklls, tin i mw rn , ?¦', I 9 (WIU end tbe dry post-pald.) Bt'Kl ix.min. TP. C TUTT'S P1LLS INDORSED BY PHYSICIANS, CLERGYMEN, AND THE AFFLICTED EVERYWHERE. THE GREATEST MEDICAL TRIUMPH OF THE AGE. SYMPTOMS OF A TORPID LIVER. Los of appetite.Nausea.bowe! costive, Pain in theHesd.with a rlull senaation in the back part, Pain undsr the shoulderhlade, fulltiens nfter eating, with a diiindination to exertion of body or mind, Irntabüity of tomper, I-ow spirits. Lom öTmemory, with a fcelmg of havlng neglected some duty, weariness, Dizaines, KluttennR ot thf Heart, Dots before the eyeOfellow Skin, Headaehe, Reatleness at niRht, highly colored Urine. IF THESE W ARNINGS AEE UN HEÍDED, SERIOUS DISEASESWILLSOON BE DEVELOPED TU'ITS PILL8"" enpeclllydptdto Midi CHHes.oiie done ¦ tt suc!iachuge of feeling au t Batoatth the sufferer. They Im'rfHM1 li App1lte, nnd rmiM tba body 't o TRkf on Flrh. tlrii ih RyKtem ta itoürlhel.fiin1 by irTonlo Art lonen tbe i-i , ¦¦nu. L¦ lm ti.. t.. n.Y. TUTT'S HAIR DYE. (iitAY lf air nr Wn iSKKRfl rlianged tn a Glossy ld ai K by a single apphratinu of (hm Drs. It i ui part ü a natural color, aota Instanianeoualy. Bol3 bj li iixtd, oi sui by t-i pi i-B-i en rcipt of I. Office, 35 Murray St., New York. f Dr. Tl Tl 'M iim i. f TalaaMt MhnMÜH -4 % 1032-M Health Is Wealth. Dr. K. ('. Wkht'n Nkkvk am HuainTkíítmkm: h hjh iüc for 11 v ürria, U..ineHft,Convalionii, Ncrvom Hcadactir, atefltal Dpfws1m1 Loíi ot Memory, Spermatorrhe-a. Ü&pOtODCJ, Premature Old Aee, caused by over nxertion, (ell-abuie, or over-lndultencc, which leadí to mÍ9TJt ilecay and deatfa. One box will cure rccint tacec, Kacb box contalnB ooe montb's treatmeut. One dollar n box, or cix boxes for Üvc dollart ; Sent by mail prepaid on recoipt oí nrirc. Wt 'tutrantcr fix box e to cure any cane. with aach order rccciv d by uafor eix ïxïxcs.accompank'd wilh flve dollarn, we will send the purchaoer oor written fMRatM to rcturu the money lf the tri'Htmcnt ih.i nfftpi arme. (.uarantees tsued by Bruwn & ('o.,Sole Authori.ed Agint8 for Anu Arbor, Mich. JOHN C. WEST A CO., Solc Proprietora, Chicago, 111, Frir-cïW. A t'o., Wholesale Agenti. Detroit . M ich . 99&-I049 öooreward] WK will pay the above reward for any caiu ol Llver ('omplalnt, DyspepoU, sick lleadaohe, Indi(fcution, CoDKtipatiuii or CoaÜTtaeM wecannotenre wilh Wett'i VeyeUble Liver Plll, when the dlrcctioim are otrinly complled with. 'l'ticy re purely Wxetable, anti nevrrfall togiveBatiefHction. Sugar Coattd. Large hoie, conuiniiiK 30 Pille, ñ Cf nt. Por sale by all drairUU. Itcware of coanterfeits and inniütlonc. The renuili'1 m miifactureil only by JOHN 0. WKST & CO.. "The 1111 Makem," 181 .f Is.; w. MudiMiu St, Chicago. Frne trial packaie Bent by muil prepaid on recelpt of a 3 cent etamp. M8-10Ü All kinds of Book-BlndlnK done at The ('oarirr ofllre on short notlee.


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