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Ruined By A Hair

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Hannibal Hamlin faileil of an elfction tbe flrst ktWMI c-:iinliliilf fot l'intt-d -rnator in conteqnence of a practical once plavei Rome years befbre Iip MadmH was r Vaker of the -rinlily. In that body was :l gentleman 0Í great fastidionsness :is ti ¦ and personal appearanee. I [is tiair Wl ffrowlBf tliin on top, tint be labort-d tO concal thia tiy rarftullv plnsterinjf it down wltll Imiiilolincs and ooamette. One (Isv Si 'akiT Hamliii cal led liim (o the desk and said. in hat he iiiti-ndcd to be a very funny way : ' Iilank. old (fllow, I just wanted tO teil yon tliat you'vf fot one of your haii I XMM above tlif ii'Ikt oii tnp." 'I lic man lodki'd dafd for au instant, and UMI) saykag, "Yon iixiilt uit-, sir, yon insult me T' retirtd in higli diulion. 'WIiimi Hainlin van R candida tel" ir srnator llii man VM I nicmberof tlif itkta aut. llamlin's friendo nnmberad li, and üioseoppowd to hira 13, oonntinf th) man, who tnonrh he belong 4 to the snuit' party M Ilamlin, stcadily rertued to ntf. ,,r him, and llM oflit-r 111:111 was elt-cud MntlitT," asked a little seven-yew old shavcr on Main ftreet the other day. II 'rot -er-laiil' sweariiifr ?" "Nu, n-y 8On, 'rot-er-dam' i not .swearinr." " Thcn 1 hope that candy Julia toot fiom meyesterday wil! 'ïiit-erdatn' tfeth ovit."


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