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The Astronomical Phenomena

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I " (xiii lir-l p.iL'c "t" the ('m BOU will lie found an exhuustivu aitkle upoa the snl)ject which BOW agltat8 tlic iiiiniN ni astrologen?, prophelt oi i-vil, and ¦¦ naay also ncliiiit.' Mtroaomen, thongb nol ti the same category. The diagram giren ia ooe of our own conslnií-liiiii. aml ia eom that w han been obliged to use let denote the v;u.i,s planeta ín&tead t Uteir m uiihli me li;ivc imt ín tlie office. Wt f tlii alliclc mi tiial i-i ni, iv raad aii'l )udge lor tbema lfe. li wül 1k notict-il tlmt Siuulay. lililí 4á June, s the day whicli will be ofth greateM ínter"i tnlnntei Waaliington tima, or aboM 7 o'eloek Aun Arbor time, iiie bour. 'l'hc event, re doul)t iidt. will Im ¦ ,t an astronómica! point ot view, liut a anj apprabesriOB of eríoua aflbeta apon the eartti or lts inhabluota aiidag llicirlVoin. r no Irars. 'l'hc grand macbioery o! the h and set in mot ion by ¦ miirliiy band, and though its movements niay hulinttc tu tliiiiind ! ñau .i.,n peNlti finiu unnsunl poattioBt of the planeta, yet we do n't blleve (pan'e mind Mifficlently broad or iteep tOgUMptLe ilivinc law v liu-li i nli-s ihi-siiiiivt'lii(_-iits. ín it.-,(;nliii-ty. Tu liHkn, thal tlie Qreal Ralerwbo set in iqotlon the planeta uimld allciw i flaw in perfectiou ol the lav Koverning ihcni. ladoabtiag li The worlil ill inn forward the ame - i. , tnd woik mui pluy. ili.isui-eanü pro ¦ad bealtb be meted out to I ii i tn n ramlly tl t Ims been for centuriea. The oltlon t ilic star, we opine, wil l have little rtl'ecl upon ¦k; or the other. in'i m'I] oul on tli.ii ucoouiil "i purrobea, tot thouid the WOrld come tO M eml, yon coiilil not e;i!rv the pOTahaM iimmy willi you, or (tie for the mortal coil will lx I ¦ 1 1 In !hworlcP debrb


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