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Owed To The Top Boxes

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Aii Arub carne to the rivcr stde. With a donkey taaftog an BbaMrt Uut he would nat try to fnrd the lidc, ped all Dlffht by the river side. And remalned tili the tldc liad cea sed to swell lor he knew ahould the doukey irom life aubaide He'd never et í i -Salem Sunbcam. WJien ntoraiog dawnetl ani ihe tide was out, 1 he pair passed over 'neath Allali'ü prouction, And the Arab was happy wc have no doubt, Kor he had the best donkey in all that SoincrvilJe Journal. That donkey was seen by a Yankee, Who raiséd hia voice and loud did botter : " Ilow inuch'll you takc lor that 'ere bcast, A gold, or zilver, (tr pyjHrr f? " -Detroit Free Press. Ilis journcy o'cr, he wil) arise. And while he rests, will ioudly laugh, At the next unfortunate chap that tries 'lo make another 1ï. -Kast baginaw Newg, If he should laugh at our endeavor, HUa neck, MrrrtT we will twist, And bang his face in no wav clever W'ith yc reporter's poctlc 4. - Bay City Tribune. Whcn he's cold and " stifT" securely teal And ship to the vat, we'll divide the lisw;g," er If either M pathy " attempu to squeal, We'll stlence 'em or draw our f.


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