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Magazine Noticia. Siiibnei's Muiithly has been arrauging, durIng man Uian h yrar nasi. lm an ïlluslrated arllcle on Baint-Oaudens's Farragut MonuMunt, wliiuli was 10 have been unveiled In Madison Siinaie. New-York, on Muy Mh. The poslponeinent of the auvetllng Uil th Wil lnat. gtves the magazine five days' start ! The arttcle, whieh ineludes asketch of the sculplie, wlll be aceimipauied by four (Ilustratlnns, one t ihiin ;. luii-paue engravlog, by ¦ i itatue i he hom Dumbei i Bcrlbnel 's will have an einiraviriK. by Kred Jneogling, of Suini-Cliiiiili -hs'r medaillon of Hastien Lepuge. Tbe flret number of the (Ski volume of Harllagulnt la the issue for June, BOW upou our tables. 1 1 has a tab Ie of eoutentsuf MEOI l Ing Interest. Of Mniill Ijitaract t the etern or other people who propose to take a trip lottM WhIM iii"iiiii:iinsis tim rirst mióla upon Unit inbivot, Uluatnted. ItglTasooeMi !-iil Idea ii wnat tli. -ie k to nvi 'lh. :ilsu au exoaltont ppr, well Ulurtrated, npn Uoramlng Blrda. ¦ A Nagleotad Oornarpf Curipe," wtlch 'proven ti ba Llabon, l wdl lluslraled and very ontei tainini;. Th e re are lao simrt articies, one apon KdwTn Bootb and ¦ Hndtri, and all know rhat lluiv i-. l 'rk, Harper lirtws. , í l (al per ear. Potter' American Monthly for May is rclete witli arttcles lntt-irsiiim to tlie general reader. Araong others profusely IMMnM, we nota: Up the Kchuylklll ; Klth and KIn- liaptern (i-10; Lora - a Pastoral - 5th movesome Book-blndings; TheWlfeat Havre. Aino %rv fliid i.tte oi 'i'iios. ('iriyle - a imely artlcle ; Aspect of Maternlty: Secrelary Htauton aud tlit Petty Virglnian; My 'liiiits; Novelt U-S in Kitncy ork. etc, etc. $3 ir year. l'hlladelplila, Jolni K. Putter v ('o , 'ubltkhen ;i7 Kantom st. The Magazine of Art for May has tnany beauKul things between lts covers. lts illustraions are very One and satlsfactory. Among others we note: The Symbol- a ful! page lllustration ; Treasure Ifouse of Art- representtng flne engravlngs; English Birds and their HaunU- givlng (ome beautiful (ketohea Oor I.lving Arttsls; "Apple Blossoms"- a full Dgravlng; cliildren In Painting and srulptuie. 1 lie i !om s of our Artista ; Decorative Iron Work, The Htreeta as Art (ialii.rl.-s, and numeroiiN othera :i..ïO per vear. OawaU 'etter A (iilpin, iublisliers, T;'l & Til Broadway, New York. The June immber of Appleton Journal is not an exception to the prevkms ones In potnl of interest. The flrst article Is the eomn ment of a paper to be published in flve partn rtaiutH and tUnners," froui the Kfench of Víctor Chebullez. Tlien we have: Raiiiblcs Among Books -11.- Autoliiograpby ; Recollectlons of Tbos. Carlyle, by Mrs. Oliphaut; A OunK .Student 's ImproBtUon of ('oionel Aaion lurr, by the Rev. Wm. Hague, U. D; "Tbe Hen ot tlie ("Ituih of Arins.' an adventure In Be Itland m iscnia, irom Uio Dwh; ivuni Servitude in Hlheria : TaxAtlon of Land Val nes, )y Henry iieoif ; Koniancesof Ieopold Koniert, picturejí ol Jewish llume Life, by Uiden .linnier. $3 per year. I). Appleton & Co., pub lisben, New Voris City. Our I.ltlle Ones sparkles wlth briglitm ¦, and theeyesof our llttle ones spaikle in t llke manner when tbey behold lis pasee $1.SO per year. Hussel! Pnbllahlng Oot, 1 A Tremont Street, Boston, Maas. Ayei Ilair 'itrr rettorM the eoloi and stimalatea the growth of the hair, prerènU il trom falling oll, and gtUÊÜtf iflCFBM licaiitv. It lias a delicate and lasting pcrrtune, is Ingrediënt! are hartnlea, nd tot tliu toilet t is uneqoalled. The Hertford Almunae and ('ook Kook ¦ent fret' on applicttioD to Rumford Chetiiieal Works, l'rovidence, 11. I. PERDON LUMBER YARD JAMES TOLBEBT, Prop.. Mauufactnrcr auil Dealer Ie 8ACINAW 6ANG-8AWBD LUMBER, LATH AND SHINGLES. We '.Lvltn al! lo give ns a cali, ana examine om etook before purchaninK elaewhere. ALSO AUBKT FOK JACKSON SEWER PIPE CO., AND SEU.S K1KK BRICK. JAMES TOLBERT, Frop. T. J. KKWH, Sopt. feli.lï,'79


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