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To-morrow Chroeiicle electioii. The Alpha Nu's have a Nu piano. Qood ÏTllS. The Iiuleieiideiits have put Messrs. Spaulding and West in nominatlon for Chronicle editors. On the 23d inst. Dr. Cocker will commence Ii is eourse of lectures upon the evldeuces of Christianity. The fencing club has swelled the gymnasium futid by a domition of $50.00 " Little drops of water, llttle rains of sanil," etc. A series of lectures are to be delivered before the Wand Park assembly, by Prof. W. II. Payne, of the university, from June M to July 15. Rev. N. Q. Clark, D. D., of Boston, will deliver the animal address before the Students' Christian Associntion, at university hall, next Sunday evening, May Wi, it 7:30 p. m. The net proceeds of the lield day sports last Saturday amount to over $100, which will be donated to the gymnasium fund of course. More " little drops of water,'1 etc, as quoted above. This item, from the Albion Republican, may interest some of the students: "The Bpêilon chapter of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity dedicated their new hall over the Republican office last Saturday. " A thing of beauty is a joy forever," is what the seniors quote when any one proache thcni upon the subject of their skull caps. It is evident that the " co-ed " had thiir say in the borning of them. The Students' Christlan Association has selected ns delegates to the international Young Men's Christian Association, to be held at Cleveland, Muy 25th to 29th, Messrs. E. D. Page, F. C. Baily, Misses Estelle Long, Mary E. Clark, and Prof. D'Ooge. The Universlty Musical Society is raaking preparationg for a grand concert, at university hall, on Friday evening, June lOth. Talent from abroad will be present upon the occasion, which will be made the great musical event of the season. Ann Arbor Is rapidly progressing to the head centerehip of uiusic for the state. The classes of '75 and '78 are eaoh to hold their reunión at the coming cornmenceinent. The former, of which Wui. G. Doty, of this city, U secretary, experts to have a large attendance, at least 50 of the boys now intending to be present. This will be the second triennial reunión and will be held on VVednesday, June 29th. alumni day. The severe storm which carne up last Saturday afternoon of course intefered with the field day sports. Because of that, everal of the sports were not given, and so the Athletic Association has engaged the ojera house and will hold an adjourued meeting there this evening to complete the contests. Among thein will be the fencing contest and exhibition drill, by Prof. Hennequin; the contest and exhibition on the horizontal bar; special exhibitions in collar and elbow wrestling and club swinging. AIusic Iiirnisiied by the Dct Bhata Ii quartette. In reply to a questiou asked as to hov the Allegan Tribune- which opposes the univrsity apiiropriations - would have the teachers of our high schools taught, that journal says : We would have provlslons made for glving common school teachers HOine extra training In Stat uorraal schooU, and In theacadwmles, select sciiiiiils, and colleges, malutalned by llie cltlzens of the state. But we would not have the state pay for glvlug them lustruction tu any branches but those taught In comiuou school, and In the sclence and art of teaching. We would also have teachers' lustltutes held all over tho state by experlenced teachers. Any argument that we might bring, however good or convincing, would not satisfy an editor who has once got lm head set, so we will not protract the discussionf The Tribune man is probably as honest in his convictions, which we believe to be erroneous, as we are n ours, which we llueve to be rigUt. Í'IKLD DAY. The meeting of the athletic association was held at the fair grounds last Saturday, and was progressing linely until about 3 o'clock p. tn., when the storm carne up and Unit oR t Jii irnnw.ï 'l'lw. .." - .l.,,n. ,i;is quite large both in the forenoon and afternoon. The juclges appointed to UeucU contests, were Profs. Hennequin, Pattengill, DuPont, Deuuison, Thomas, Vaughan, Franklin, and H. C. Adams, of the uuiv.-rlity, Co!. J. S. Hogers, of the Orchard Lake military academy, and Messrs Chas. H. Manly and Geo. Fuller, of the city. Promptly at 9 o'clock the contests were oalled. In the lat conlest, "10 mlle walk," there were two contestante, Messrs. Comstock aud Taylor. Wou by the formor In 1 nour 4t mluui.-h, 20 secouds. 2. One hoar go-as-you-pleasc. There was but oue eutry ho the content wu omllted. 3. Side hoid wrestltng. Contened by Leland Secut" .P d' WU by the lormer ln two con" ? Boxlng. Contested by Arbury, Allen and Winusrmute. Alleu vlctorlous over Arbury Winterinute over Allen. "". 5. Collar and elbow wrestllng. Contested by Palmerter and Leland. Won by Leland 6. Vaultlng wlth pole. Won by Leiand wlth a poor pole, dlstance 10 ft. 6 In. 7. Throwlng Hlcdge. Four coutestants. Won led "inb' dlbtaIlce 49 " 6 Welght of 8. Quarter mlle run. Elgbt contestante, only one, Moore coinpletlug tUe dlstance, wblch he dld In 68 seconds. 8. Rifle Hliootlng. Four contestante. Won a'd"2Sc?S7rdr'"" 18 ÜUlüX a PO81lib") 10. Kunning long Jump. Contestante, Penworden and Boyer. Tle at the end of three JumpH, each scoring 16 ft. ïvi ln. On the second trial Penworden won scoring 16 feet. 11 and 12, throwlng base-ball and standing broad Jurnp not contested. 13. Indlan club swinging. The most closely aud evenly contested of any of the gaines by Olcutt and Whltman. Won by the former. 14. Drop kick, not contested. Afternoon. 1. Running high Ju nip. Contested by Brodieand Wormwood. Wou by the lattor 5 ft. 1 ln. 2. Three-legged race. Conlested by Moore and Penworden agalnst Allen and Brwlle Won by former, dlstance 1U0 yards, time 19 seconds. 3. Sack race. No contest. 4. Tug of war (83 vs. 84). Contested by 17 sopuomorea and 17 freshmen. Won by the freshmen. All of the remalnlng conteste were shut off because of the storm. During the forenoon a game of base buil was played bctween the university nine and the Orchard Lake nine, which attracted considerable attention from the surprise the Orchard Lake boys gave the universities. The score stood 11 to 8 in favor of the university nine, eight of their score being made on the last inning. There will be a return game played at Orchard Lake soon. There 165 entries altogcther. The lalance of the games will be contiafoi ut the opera house, thls evening.


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