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Menomlnee vrantd a Small-pox at Horton, Jscknon ( o. Twamaeb llquor bonds raiaed to $4,301 Mus new $10,000 cii liall. A new i"-iií1i,i ni Kvitxhi. Mu-kegi oounty. A lodjre of Knights Templar orjranl7e ittdiogtoo. A new Jcwish at Grand EUpkh. A (1 i aiul inilliner wimted a h'reelnnd, S igiiisw Co. term ut the arkmltural colleg begint iiexl TueMlsjr, May 24lli. Flint iüis orgnUed au Edlaoa eieetrf liülit conipunv witli capii.-il at AVMHKJ. .)ld gpttlcni of Herrien C'o., will tal over - .,! II. -r i ien Sptinrs, Jiifi r makers want ratf urn inX ( í Theit tia.-7f saloons, aii in '¦' A il' ( ; haulfil !' the F. & I'. M. I! R aearl; Diie-hall The Invc rection re trylng to liml oul it miythinj vitv had lia been done. Mr-. ICargaret Dudj m, cH n-cinla, wa lOOjearaold ou the th in-t., and i stil ahle to remi, n rite, n , He, A treel Mmsli.ill fouml itiback in dirt. A hinl t. r men t ¦ lean tlie (reets evi-ryw Itere. The "itli anniial meeting of the rtati tic meclic4il and lurjrlcial socictj niet-l ;it Laaring nexl ireek, tbc Söth. A hout twenty ladiesand Kentlemen wen med bv eatingol tcecreani, on the lütl ... l. ..!.. . ,,!,,_ Thé state congregntiotml -invcned al Charlotte buM Wediitsday urn uill remain n seision nntil Monday. Th Wabasli niilnuil expecta lo run a line of ileepere from Detroit to ( . when he imM of the I -tr ii Ier. The lir-t 0M6 oí tnostroke reportetJ In ¦tate rti tlial of luim Bweeiwon, in :.:i City, Friday, who lied trom cavas. The gun club of Jackson county ure lo have a i;r:ni(! ahoot on the 2fith n-t.. nexi Tbursdy, at Jackson. Prizes will lx ven. A Hewarjro connty taloon keeper ten teseed to $-'i fine and ten daya in jail foi not COtnplyillg witll Uu' law and nihil-: Mlllll-, of more rcpiitafilt' saloon men ot' Grand Rapids hare oryanizcri to proeecute lbo1 diuepatable ti'llows who viólate the law. Schooicrati county, in the upper pentoiula lia. U'cii ilivided, an.l a ncw l-oiinly fonaed learinir the name ot 'hamlUT aftei ¦ (id a.i." The Michigan nülroad repronentatlrea receatly held a a üng mhJ resolved to bold to the presen) lates on wooi Iroinall points in the state. Hay City Tribune: Heomargartne ia still being sold in Bay f'ity, aud pcraotiM who use it unawart áah the (rrooer for -more f tUat gootl buitel." The annual Episcoj imferi'iice fqr Western V nes al Allegan June lat, a ..istcru dloeese at Detroit June Ml. Frank M. Ilowp, fornii'rly supci inicndent of the atete reform Khoolal Langinjr, has been apointpil to takc charge ol the new llliode island rOf 01 niatoiy, The business men niectint:-i nf Monroe, potten nji to ald and entourage manu&ctnrlng have "flzzled out," the Commercial says, and nothing accamptishod. The next reirular tournamehï of llie Iichig-an tirenmn is to 1)(. held in dldwatir on the Tth and Sth ol September. Vboul l,000 will be distribuid In inize. Xashville, Barry County, takclle Bke. Vina Hartbrd. of that place, live hnsbandswith whoni slie bounU aromul, and is constantly on tlie watch for more. Itls statexl that O. II. Oranfrcr. reppeseutative from Tuscola eoanty, bu been appointed mirgeon for a Lake Superior mliiüig comiwny, at a palarv ol 53,000 per year. Only one or two papers in the state have upheld the Howell compllation bill. The Kree bi ing the principal )e, beewne it was to have a good fat illcc ol thi - if reports are tnuThe División gtroet M. K. clinroli at ürand Ilapids took tire I.. Ing from a defeetlve mie. Kire extinj,'iiished after .1 water; ingured for $6,000. According to the Kalamaon Teleirispli there are $2,500,000 Investad in nianutaeturing enterprise at tliat city, pfoduclng yearly $3,500,000 wort h of tnerchaudlse and paylng out in salaries $725,000. The Detroit base 1nll club has been beaten in nearly every gama thev liave coni with professional playera thb aeaaon. Sportine men who placed their money on that ball, had it roll away frotn thcm. Arrangements for the hand tournainent at Lansing June 8th and 9th, have been nearly completed. (8 apéete! priaes bur been offeréd, bealdea the regular prizes. 14 bands have entered the contest, all to have now unifornis. The new ron stt'üincr cityuf Mihvankee, built to run between Qrand Harén and Milwaukee, will make her lirst trip Muy 25, it is expected, in 4b boui-. l:. pi tives of the prese froni willcompose a jiortion of i At Cadillac, a fewdays i mar ried Peter V. Duck and .1 ling. Pt-tersays to Julia. "My Darling, will yon Iw inv DuckT" and .Tniia rej.l!el. "Te in'inre Long and herafter tbey iii waddlc tbrouKh Ufe togelher. - ('irruid Traverse Herald. Mrs. N'anc v l'arshall died Mondar , frota the effectsof a cáncer in tlie face, fot two weekí Bhe liad not besa abJe to lake auv food. Her husband, Terry N. I' n-h ,i!. died about ninetceu yeara aijo, in the same lionse, from same cause and in the same wsr.- Latagsburg ITews. A Methodi-t Sundav school convention for northM'esturn Michigan will be held in Saginaw, begtnning M.iy 81 and oontinuftiK three da s, lúv. Dr'n Vincuul u! New York, Bayliss of Derroil ut Ann Arboi-, J . II. Arnold .t D and many other Sundav s, i nwv und lecturers will be in attemlance. Laat Siniduv. saya (fac CUarioUe Kupublican a boy, son of a widow, Wug diivinir i span of bonet alongthe road, when of lightuing killed wie botae. and knoekei) down the other, but the boy 'as only " slijihtly shocked." Thai boy was oiüier expecting il, or else be was onV ii the kind who can t DO astonlshed by anylhing; for any ordinary boy would be vurj nau-li ihocked at Rurh a siulilen mist'oiiiine. Satnrday. Mrs. 1,'rcd, of Hovtvillc-, Eaton county, notic-d a snuU black speek in the palm of her hand, wliirh Itched. She thought it wasa sliver, and her husbaiul opened it with a needie. Then it burned and swelled, and a doctor wax called. Ele iinticc-d ¦ red -it on the back 1 her hand opposlte. the other, and that ber arm tut swellling, and told her it was malignan! erysipelas. This was Satuiday afternoon; Monday she died in a horrible condltion from the feartul di


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