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The Old Oaken Bucket

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lu proioing i lurntprial to tbi S.uiu.-l YVoodworth, ii writei in Vork paper huw lic I1..1 turnmer'i daj ,"u . "Mr, Woodworth came home todlnner fron bli printinir office, beiug a primor (and I ulifii -., liim il work on nu obl Pranklin wooden pran, and inking the fornu with okl-fashionrtl b-ills), liavinsr wsilkcd Ilie ili-laiicr. thcro lcn noiars in tliosc dv, and he w: fHtitrued. He (kskcd li is w'ite í ¦ r ¦ glas of water, whlch slic gave liin siic Uien s;ii down and tiok her baby o lier lap, wliile lic quxffed oS iiu gla&s iniiiip water, liicli ilil 1 11 re memoer w.-i nol thesweeteat In the world H sel ' I lown, and rnnarked 'How refresliliiff 1 hut 1 vrould bavi ruthe IihiI h drink tiuin the okl 'ken bucket lefl liani;Tijr in mv father'well at home il rv Woodworth, catchlng tbeintpiratinu s:id: " Why, cliin (his pel name), that'm pretty subject torapoem.' He iok th liinl and :it d"i n. and, nrnliT tile inspira tioii tl Umi ;liue ut' oold nier nol n1, 1. been saicl - lic wrote bis iniiiinr tal sonjf "I tbe bucket.' The writcr su: as .1" ccDnoniical methixl of con striictiiiíi a ineraorlul, tbat tt wcll be unk 11 ( entra) I'ark. au okl-faahloned uur hikI an old oaken bucket lam' therein trom u hlch ! hoiifand would be iio happy t qtiaff a clrauglit of pure weil water, and ererj m to Uep penny in a Imix placed the re tor the pnrpOM. A simple bronc tablet onlil le plaoed OTer it all, tb the verne eujfraTed il ie rei 111.


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