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GET THE BEST f . LEADALLOTHERS! EveryStyle&Price. Guaraatccd XJnequalod FOR OPERATION, ECONOMY, DURABILITY and WORKMANSHIP. Imprevemeiits and Convenienees fonni is .no ethers. AlwaysiReliablePOPULAr? EVER Y WH ERE. For Sale n E vcry City and Town In the TTnited Stateï. And foy John Pfihtkrkr, Ann Arbor, Mich. 1OS1-1O4U mmsm&m PRICES PEOPLE CAN AFFORD to PAY. Lugcal and nmiI muoiümbI of ümk'ini Is mul MWMOrieBi INSTANTANEOUS 'OELATINE' WOEK Kor Bables I'kturcs. Best Oard Photographs, - $2.50 per doz. Eest Catinets, - 6.00 " MaQ_&. 222 WO6DWARD AVE., _ in:r--w - JTHKiCHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAUjWAY [a tke OLDBBT I BEST CON8THUCTÏDI BS8T E(UIPPED! anfl benee th LKAD1NG RAILWAY - OP THK- WEST AND NORTH WEST. It i ih" ili"it'-t and bent root Imiim Cblcafa and 11 puiuia in I Korthsra IUinois, lom, Baioti, Wyoaiaj, Urt:sii, Cillforsia, Orczos, A:i:;t;. U:;ï, Colc.-u:, lili:, jíonaa, 81 ui fcr COUNCIL BLUFFS, OMAHA, DBXVSB, II. VIH II. I, F.. SALT LAKE SAN FRANCISCO, OESDWOOO, SIOUX CITY, ' Cedir EapSds. Ees Koiae, ColamtM, aal a'4 poats ta the TrrltorlM aal the Weit. Al? for Kilwioïoo, Oreon Bav, Oih; oifc, Cietsygao. Vaquette, Fml in Lae, Vaterton. Eoightcs, fleonah, Momshi, Bt. Trú. Miíacijolíj, Euroa. Volgt, Tarro. EisEirci, Wlcsaa, LiCrosse, Owatcaaa aal all tolati la liiaaoiou, Elu, W;::sa::a mi the Horthwüt. At Coiincil Hlufl the tmins r the Chicago A Norili Western und Ihe U. I'. R'jrt depart froni, arrivc at and nu Uil inloa depot, At Cl - ure nvwlr Wlth 'lic 8hore, Miohlirun Central, Bnltlmore A Otilo, Furi Wavne anrt IViinmlvHül, and Chtcaen A. (imml Trunk Kv'j, anti Ib Pao llund e l."iin. Close Connections Made at Junction Points, It In the OM-V 1,1 NK. in nu i u': Pullman Hotel Dining Cars 1IKTU BSN ('litcnuo and Coiincll IMufTs. l'i.lliii.iu Rleepera on All Nlghl Trulii. 11 ut' yt'u tl. y Mullir Vuur ticket, aml [,, Iniy ¦1 i raad over the i NorttaWetrn HuiIwmv. ti yon i - i ¦ B omraodailona ynn "'ilPniv trcuirtlc et# bv Ihia roi feir-Ali WII.I. TÁKB NO OTIl AM 'l' 'llll Mi ITT, I0SI-S3 2d V. P. i ceo. Health Is Wealth. Du. K. mjtNT: tiUH I!' Si,'iin it ¦ r Ir '-t I : ¦ ¦ hlch l i boi w i]) rt-ct'i month'p ir. atnit'iit, f.r live do) 1 j nric1. Wr L'a:irantet i Ikx panft-d o ar i by Brown A Arbor, Wich. ¦' II i1, vs" RST 4t i"i . Soie Propri -¦i.,r-, Cbtcftro, III. i hnWaale Atfi'iiiH. Detroit, Mich.


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