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The Water-mill

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Oh 1 listen to the water-milt, through all the live-long day. As the clickinj of the wlieels weirs hour by hour away ; How languidly the autumn wind doth stir the withered lea ves. As on the field the reapers ing, white binding up the sheaves ! A solemn proverb strikes my mimi, and as a spell is cast. 'The mili wül never rind again with water thal is past." Th. ihmmi wj,.j rc;.v .1. more leaves strewn oVr earth a ml mam , The sicklc liever more will reap the yellow garnered lrain ; The rtppling strcain nws ever on, ave, tranquil deep and stilt. Hut never glideth back again to busy water-mill. The solemn proverb sjfeaks to all, with mean Ing, deep and vast, "The mili will never grind again with water th;t is past." Oh t clasp the proverb to thy soul , tk-ar lov i n L hearl and true, Kor golden years are rteeting by, and youth Is passiiïtftim; Ah! learn to makc the mom of lifc, nor lose one happy day, For time will ne'er return sweet joys neglected, thrown away; . „ Xor leave one tender word unsaid, thy kfodness sow broadcast- "The mili will iever grind again with water that i$ past." Oh t the wasted hours of life that have swiftly driftcd Alasl Itie good we might have done, all gone without a siLti ' Ijve that we might once have saved by a single kind word, Thoughts conteivfd hut neer expressed, perishing, unpctincd, unheurd. Oh I take the lesson to thy soul, forever clasp it fast. 'The mili will never grind again wiüi water that is past.1' Work on while yet the sun doth shine, thou man of strength and will, The stresmlet ne'er dolh useless glide by clicking water tnil] ; X' 'Xn'y vTayí ¦ '- ' KMi.n tritr,fv ( For all that tatm lan'st cali thy own Hes inthe phra e "to-day ;" Hossessions power aiul blooming health must all be lost ai "The mili will never grind again with water that is paM. Oh! love thy Oxj arul iellow men, thyself comlder last, For come it will when Ihou must scan dark eiiors oí ou vüi uui itKtit ot lile be o'er, and earth recede from view, And heaven in all ih glory shlne where all ís pure and true, Ah! then thou'lt s.-e more clearly st ill the proverb deep and vast, ' 'The miil will ncvw grind again with water that is past."


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