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Cultured Capitalists

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Mr. tltckej nuil his fathcr-in-law, ColO mi Hungarford, sat side by side in a pío¦oenittB lox ina l'aris theatre the other Dight. TIk-v looked roinpliirtrntly OTerthe '.mi brüliiiut imnmnliiffc. " Boog-tong audtence I" wid Mr. Mackay to Colouel Hungerford. '¦ e :" replied the colouel to our.Tohn. "Eleet- crain de la- hote ton;, fcf qiioth John, as his sUirt bosoni wellod wit h rnnnrWim pride. " Wee !" said the colonel. TI' coloncl then shoot hands ith the Cooutock millionaire and congratúlate] liim ou his show of French. 'I 'lie ciitluln went up, ind OM uf thc ¦tSfl liasliril likc :i incleoi bcfurr tl.c ipeelütor. " Maguifevk !" oricd thc OoIomL " 'l'ray beun !" sIkhiIpiI Mr. M. ¦ i )aíoree "' ihrieked the ooloneL " Toot swtft !'" yclled Jolm. After the play Mr. Muckey drevv thc coloael to one side aml rhispered 11 bis car: " I dou't inind tcllin' ye. 1 tpafcit Italiii as well as I do Krench-do yon " "Vis.' replied tbc (¦(iloncl, "I jfuess u.-'vc imiii beeu culturad in Ute sume h! hooce." - Sil ver Cutí' I'ro.siect. A younf; man in pressinr his own suit in-queiitly wrinkles the girl's.


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