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The Calhoiui county papers are vieiu: wlth each other in giving the judge of probate of that county swee!. sweet tafly Wbat is kiiown as the Xortliwestern Michigan Press Association is announced to neet in conclave at Cadillac, on August 22d. "Ren" Barker wants tke new Michigan asyluin for the insane locatedat Lake City. Au editor wlio bnys a liew suit of iott clothes and tlien loses them bef ore leaving town could lili a pretty gooi] .-ized asylum. -Cadillac News. Well, wel! ! What was it thut ailed Bar ker, that time, any way ? If the Kalkaskian would occasionally credit oue of the many items taken froin tbc ( "UuiKR cohiuins, it wonld soften the ¦ 1 j-. ,. ... r.t l.v .iilalllUUl tullalüeJably. This itein also applies to the Cadiln. We nvtice that they both credit items taken from their other exchanges. The Cassapoüs Vigilant, James M. Shep ard editor and proprietor, one of the most vigilant of the many republican papers of that kind upon our exchangtj list, has just passed into the tenth year of lite. The reputation and of the Vijfilant is well and favorably known throughout the state, and the completion of the first decade will lind both the paper and its publisher as vigilant as in the commencement. The C'harlevoix Sentinel, way up in tinpure air aud beautiful country of our pen Ínsula, has completed its XII vol. The Scntincl is a wide awake, orthodox republican paper, and W. A. Smith, its publisher, gives the people of that section a far better journal than many of the towns in the southern countles have whtre the poulation Is many times greater. Wineissaid to improve with age, S.-minel resembles wine in ÜMl The Lansing Kepublican of the Uth inst, has this item of interest to the people of Michigan: Auditor General Latimer and Attorney General Van lüjwr retarned trom Washington on Friday morning, wherethev liad buwi lo . ¦ -i 1 1 ( tJ,c Hmu.iV. ,,í !),, iJuJt Ste. Marie canal to the general govern mant A copy of the deed, togvther wlth other documeiits, had been forwardcd to the national capital aeren! wceks afro by nor Jerome, but on arrival of the Miehlgan officials they found them plgeonholeil in the office of 'the secretary of war ThroUffh the lul of Senator Ferry and a few telegram (rom Oovernor Jerome, they eded In dtepoelnjf of s tliree months' stook of red tape, and completad the busio two tlays. a tull daad üi' the canal propertj i torwarded, ui Washington by the governor on Friday aftcrnoon.and the canal is now in the hands of the general govurnmeiit. The two Michigan offleers speak in coinplimentary termi of the courtesy and business qualitications of Secrctinv of War Lincoln aml Attorney General McVeagli, with whom the principal work of transfer was done. The Detroit Commercial AdvertLser lm some ideas íespecting this rush of emigration to the United States that are wortli a carcful and tlioughtful jwrusal . "One thousand emigrants sailed yestciday lor the tjnlted States, andanother tliousuid wül leave to-day. mostly 't the faruilng chiss," is tkt tenor of the foreign defspatche that reach us weekly Thcrc issomc reason why this should be the case, and the problem is uot dlfflcult to solve. The troubles in the olil WnrlHut Uie present Urne are well known to all, and thev iire of such a nature as to drive tbc workiiii,' dut away liora tlieir shores to eek ;i liotue on a different eoiitinent. Now the Mecca of all the liox-s ;md aspirations of the down troddeu of Europe. is to found in America, and it is no wonder that emigrant! bv the thousands are wecklv geeklng our loont In time this mestion w;H beoome a scrious on e not only for the emigrant, but for the inhabitaMt of this country. At present there ís room enough and t. spare for millions more, but bv and by such will not be Um eaat. OttPterfUory, although large, is limited, and when it beoomet orer-mn with a iopulation, as in Europe at the present time, a different order of thingi w iU be the rule. This will not uke jilace in our generation. but tintime is n4 m) iiir distant as one nUrht iuppose when tuch eniixratiou will nol be ¦ouffal liter, but on the contrarjr will be looked apon as opposed to the beat interattl nl ihis country. .lust how long a time that will be cannot teil, but that those who live in thi' tuturc will agna witli tbls propotHIoa there is no more doubt than that time is tu roll round. Kvcrv ortion o the habitable globe is now pMpwd, every ocean and lake navigated. and tvery mine. t would seem dlscovereil. l'lie soií is nou tlie only thing to be ought tr. anl when that is taxed to itt full capacity there la uothing Jeft. So, we inay calcúlate, In time this will berouw BOM of an object than :it preieat, uhI ¦ siii be to obtain a sufficient portioii on wliich to malntaio üfe. That question is of gtml magnitude, and one that eannot be properly solved in our time, but one that will raise up in future aj;es in a manuur that will oall lorth the bettei judgmeuu of the mctêt sagacious, and one, too, that w ill have to be met by real, not fancie4 argumenta, in a marnier far different than apiears to the people of the present day.


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