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The bttmtag i t -n (lippeit trom the C'h...

The bttmtag i t -n (lippeit trom the C'h... image
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The bttmtag i t -n (lippeit trom the C'hií-a.íío ínter Orean, wil] lic ot nt-rct 10 muny of our raadt "The Rev. Dr. Arthiir Kd wnril, litor of the Northwestern ClirlHtmn AdTomle, wlll tuk a btcyelc tour of Bnsland.Soollaod Mid Pimaac Uit slimmer. The reverend loelor bas been practWlog on his two whfcltil erriaa tol vi-ar, hum on New Vear'sdAj mulemll his calis "wilh the aiil f It. H' tlilnks H bu been lwn-Hfiiil 10 lus hwilth. umi thui tliln trip wlll lx oi Kliü greater henedt to him. He uill slarl for iXiropc Jane3S,and ha alnaily ordered two viTy fint' blcTClei IBSde al CovcMlrv. K04land, which wlll be ready lor hlmsilf bui s'.ti wIhm tliey land. The trip will oocupy aboul threa moolbi of the ninmv, hiuI hr. Edwardi hm tiet patea a very pleasiint tuin1. Tb Methodist in! ulsters of f"iiliii av IImï II the doctor iwlcmged u th. Koek Ilivi-r Uonieraooe they woulil prohahly luvesUnta him lor gol Dg bont In uch a mnniier : but, as be belODg to the clriMiit ridi'rs of Michigan, they ciin éo nottilng with lilin " The sucocsor .t Senator Chri.-iminy as ministor to Peru, has been appointnl liv jlie president ainl conflnnetl by the sennfe.


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