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An Unprofitable Investment

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Aluna eifbt . W. rii. ( WMwoa, II. Krauw, '.. 1'. KiDg and tintero Deana loi-med a -tok toiupany. under the name of the Aun Arbor printii; l'iililisliin. -ith a capital ol i'.',ikhi. It treiu rally understood by the public that the "tijivt ol tlüa company '¦ to crunli nut tlie ('oubier printnjr csublisliiii.'iit, in which the proprieUr Iim.I uveU;l $65,000. This letl to a lei)(fthy and expensire litiation, wliich tBded in the dcleat ot the Ann Arlior prínUnx and publiüliing company. A -hort linie atti-r the lonnatiou ot tliis i.imiiv l)r. Chace soll outhis nvestmt'iit to the other sux-kholdcrs at par, and tlu'V ooatinoed HM business forseven years, and ncviT, dalug ilie wbole time, dfclarcd a dividuml. As moncy was worth on an avemjfi'S pel cent. tor tlu-eiglit yemswhicli their corporattoa wm In business previous to the dealli ot Waton, it is easy to sce ) i v ¦lowing tilines vlmt tinaiuial Mii-cess t tlit: t-orporation has !. ¦ Elght ycars' latenst on $9S,000 to flC,000. It II bc Men tliat the total invciiinciit nou réachet $41,000, Ih'si]1 oni-taiuliiiij debts. All tlify liavu to liou tor this tl the $-r,,00 which i n pi. type. etc, thal ha bca 1b nw f ot eighl year. Allowlng tbis to worth 25 cents on dollar it wonld stand that the corponitioa bad lo-t ï(M,000, or about $5,000 per year lor evciy ycar they have been in business. As ;m evklence onr estímate is liigh tíiiontrli, t is only neee.-sgary to say that . Ilonrv hmuse :iml the tvn Di-ans ..wiied ten out ol MM twenty tive thousuiid dollars capital stock, whieh they oM to Wataon inortly hefore lils doath for ten eenti " a dulUr. A.Uowlng the $25,000 orij;in:il . lo be woidi un (trils on u dollar, Uiis wmild slimv th:it Kranse tnil the two Dean.s only considerad ilic whole thing wortli ?-'..".(Ml, mul ere 'IiiíI to si'll unt -u 1 1 :t t pricc. Aml il s also irxrtel that Z. r. Kin' wmtmagtf keeraM Watson would BOt buy him out at thu same (n The ooncerc iru Urtacl ut i ifite, aml it has jirovcd a liad fuilure, as pvitv T " biisiiii man kWW it would whcu tarlc.l, loi Iban VM not room cnoiiu'h tor tw taiga prlattag MtftHkbiMMli here. Experieuce is a liard Mhooinaatar, lint wiio itani in his school generally icinciiilicr thcir li-ss.iii.


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