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CASH DRY GOODS HOUSE OF BACH & ABEL STILL AT THE FRONT. To Hm reader of thta paper they extoad ¦ oantiaJ uvit.ui.m to te-t tiieir promJaea and pretentiong TIn-v wil! 1m ,,„,,; i nakeyou bellere that, tor nexi ton days, ih.-ir prices ob lilmk and Colorad Slik, Black and (Jolored Satina ¦nul evm-cmlh ir irices on tammer silks, eannot be toatched in thit city or any otber dty. What le the use ol wastiny h dollar when 1,„ ¦ „ '- U 3 ¦ In im-,-,1 of a Black 811 Drew, by all me&ns go to BACH & AliKl.s hik! examine tlivir -ilk at '!í ,s ' 'i " ..'.. .....'I.r.-..i vti wTii sliown -Ic-rant cliecka inl -tripes al l" cent per irtl. ti ( II & .i:i;i. rlaim t lint iric ,,r 1ic!r -ilk-; :nc xwitively beyond the whiaper r oooipnrinon or oompetitlou. Tlie oiijy 3 for you to Bnd out whether iliis . mi is td go and examine tor ymnsclt, and white there isk io ¦!¦ ibeïr Satlo Marveillieux :ii $1 25; theli Black Siim De bttwnelr ;it 91.50; thelr All Silk Mnnimy M $l0, and their SHtin De Lyoti Silks :i( 1.76, la DRESS G-OOIDSWe have aot Umi . lift ia Ux. h..rfi .„;.-., ,i.„ ,im.r,.,,t uí,.,u nwallMw aad price. li mmciehi to Hy tluü i ladv in aeed of i ncw -mi. plain or combina i, eau fnd irhat she wants and al prlcêa ih.n iiiiiki ,i,-., , B..lnr. t li-, oaalitiea and pricea, trom ISJÍC to ssir r ymil. The uriginal Jatuestoun A.lpncan rao Im CuuiuI at ÜAt II iV i. i. , '. ."" lurabllrty there is nothlng in the naarket u iial tlum. in QLOVES nSTID HOSIERY. Yon enn flnd just wbal ymi want and at prioei that will satisfv the sliarH-st and elosest buyers. I,islc Thread Olarea trom %% up o tlie Celebrated Sarah Bernhardt öilk Oiore :it $1.00 Alao a fine assortiuent ol the Bernharitt Kld Qloves in uil the new sliadñ SPECIAL 1UHÜAINS IN NAPKINS, TABLE L1NENS, TOWRLS ANU TOWKUNCS. Elegant Frencli Olnctuuni, raagnlAcenl aaaortment ot i.awns, hmadti ¦ LJnen Lawns. The motí beautiTuJ aaaortneal nl HJTTONS ever Men in Lnn Arbor. New ideas in Laces. Vcry gtyliili Handkercuiefs for Ladiei uu] Oonts. Corracl spring and ummer reüinn. PARASOLS! PARASOLS! TremendotM (tock Ui leUcl trom. An early and repeated visit and inspection ia Inrlted, Fifty ilni-n Littae Ttea at Be fifty kMBB Lace Ti :it 10c; lilty dogen Muil Ti;s troin 15 to 20e. Jn tliis Hni for th: ensuinjf month, we liall otter sonie rarr liart;:iiiiSPECIALTIES ! SPECIALTIES I Special bargalM in RIIAoni t'or tlie next ten days. linndred pteeei of Oro (rain Ribbon, itll slia.lcs. al 6c per yunl. K iricet v ï 1 1 nut do in Umh times, when ere tlie wealthy cannot alt'ord to waste their inom-y, and the poor require doublé iliity if ¦veiv dollaraad every penny, üpon our OOUBMn will lie thrown tliis wec-k tilly do.-.i l iilaiin.lriicl Sliirls. svilli reinforevd 11 ii i.'ii;. Buual in valui to ..i.v" f t .) =i i ut exceptlng tlie Celebntad l'earl Shirt.. For nexl THIRTï DAYS we shall oft'er suoh nnanswi-raiile argumenta aa no house can mateb. Leaders and speclaMta al iuotations tliat no other man u otter. Stern and AuMkorn faota tbat wUlooovkio you without a doubt that the GREAT li: lOODSHOUBEof BACH & AHKL IS THE PLACE TQ BUY GOODS. ,-T-ioa.


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