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Those morUr boards ! whew ! Trof. Thomas lias a steel steeil. The freshman supper takes place this eveiiing. Kreshmen wjjl not be exauiined in Latm this jrear. The gymnasium fnnd now amounts to about $2,200. The lirst reunión ol "78 will be held commencement week. The senior phannios' hats will be the " boss," so the boys say. A class song for commencement is what the seniors desire just now. The senior subs are to hold class-ilay iercises at Whiünoiv I.ake, June SM The ten mile bicycle run was won lat Thnrcdn BTchlnfil lij : TTWCI, uf relllon. Uontrary to usual custom tliere will be no printcd aniiouneeiiient for the first seuiHter next year. The senior medici ure to liave a class Slipper, oration, poem, history, prophecy and all the tixins. Having been so requested, the fijculty have ileiiided to hold examinations for alniis8ioii, in San Francisco this sumraer. The university nine are to play a game of base ball with the Cass club of Detroit, at IteorealiOD park, Detioit, on Decoration day. Dr. A. I. Sawyer, of Monroe, one of the homeopathie censors, is to visit Europe, accompanied by his wife and daughter, this slimmer. The Moiitlily IJulletin says that 61 per cent. of the faculty are professing Christians, while among the students the per cent dwindleslo 30! A game of base ball between the Orchard i.nkc .uní iimvrrsity imvs, at Orchard Lake last .Saturday, resulted ia a score of 9 to 6 ia favor of the4atter. The senior medies elected the following kMM Miiiiilay ; I'. D. Hothwell, historian ; Mis. H. K. Martin, propliet ; S. C. Graves, orator; Win. MoCarroll, toast matter John Chase, marshal. The new paper, tlic OmmMMHI Animal, which the stndmtsare to issur, will contaiu a full account of class day and field day exercises, and the Baccalaurate addreas, beridei ótkerthlngi of great interest At the meeting of the Chronicle association lield Saturday, the following nn elected as editors for the next year : Iudepmdenta, B.6. West, Austln, Texas; II. K. SpauldUig, Gallipolis. 0. The secret society editors are Roger W. Cooloy, Deeorah, Iowa ; and t, E. BakflT, öoshen, Jml. The authorities of Conifll univcrsiiy paid the professor of history in the university of Michigan a high compliment ivhen they came to Ann Arbor in search of a professor to occupy a similar chair, and entirely oblivious of his jreat loarning and attainments, selected the profissor of En;lish literuture, for the position, oö'eiing a alary of $2,800 per annuiu. A feinale and a male nicilic1 went M Wliitinore Lakc last Sunday ! Wlicn thcy got there they went pleasuic tUtag n the lake, and when they retnrned the tirst niciiij.niecl party of the lirst part thourht to show hi-r masculino qualities by JUBpiBg out of tlie boat, nmn fasliion. Sbe JDDiped, 1, ut -ilas tor human calculations, the boat didn't reinain stationery and slio feil in. Beroically the jjetotteman juinpud in after lier, 1 1 water uas only two or three feet deep) and saved her f rom a watery graw But oh, niv! how thoy botli did look after their txit!' Shades of Jingle and Meg Merrilcs! But tuen we forbear.


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