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The Saline Conflagration

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Last Satimlay WM :i -nrry day for the villaje ol Saline, situato.1 in the tMTMhip of the sume name, about U-n miles southof this city. At about half-past three o'clock in the morning a cry of flre woke up many of the inhabitants of that village, and knowing that there was no way to extinguish a fire except with buckets the cry was a drend one, and made everybody wbo heard it busten wlth all possible speed to me. It was evidently the work of an incendiary, for when first discovered it was in a small frame building wliich was not occupied, in the rear of Nichols Bros'. drug and jewelry store. After the flames once got under headway they spread rapidly, and it was only with great etfort the stores opon the opposite side of the street Mi savcd iiom destruction. An ¦tttmpt to cali up the Ypsilanti tclegraph operator t'uik-d, und so no help could be expected fnmi there. Nine stores, two unoccupied frame buildings flve residences, and live barnswere burned. The total loss is estimated at $20,000 to $30,000 with about $7,000 insurance. This is a great loss to Saline, and one from which she will recover slowly. The following is a list of those burned out, and the amount of losses and insurance as near as we are able to obtaln them: Nichols Bros.' store and part of stock of drugs and je welry. Loss,$3,500, insured for $2,000, with W.Tremain. of Ann Arbor. I the second story Mrs. Jessie Gates, dressmaker, lost $100, no insurance. Dr. Nichols also sustained a slight loss. Sherraan Hinckley lost two stores, $2,000, wltli no insurance. One store occupied Dy Haeuser A Henne, grocers who lose f500, nsured. The other store -was occupied by Mrs. M. G. Bacon, inllliner, who met with a small loss, insured for $600. O. Culver, upstairs, lost on household goods $100, not insured. A. W. Slaytou, Tecuuiseh, store, loss about $1,300, not insured, occupied by Chas M. Webb with a stock of groceries, who loses $1,500 with an insurance of $1,000. On second floor J. Rhodes had some goods stored on which he loses $200, and Aaron Wood, shoemaker, sustained a loss of about $50. Mrs. Laura Wallace sustained the loss of her residence, two stores and barn ; loss $1,500; insured tor $1,200. Fred Derrindinger, store; loss $1,000; no Insjirance. Occupied by Oryille Wood, groceries, whose stock is dainaged $1,500; uninsured. In the second story Mrs. M. A. Arnistrong suffered a small loss on household goods. John Schwalm lost house and turniture valued at $2,500; insured for $1,500. Daniel Weiuette lost hls brick dweiling, barn and household goods which' he estimates at fiom $1,500 to $2,000 with no in¦Ul4nK. Mrs. Marv n m - i household goods were biirned, loss about $1,300, and not Insured. Mrs. Lorenzo Haight, barn, loss, $100, I'. W. E. and Alex. Gordon, barn, woodpile, etc, $200, no insurance. The other losses were Dr. S. W. Chundler, residence and barn, $1,500. Mrs. Mary A., $1,000. Henry MHlerestnt'. vacant frame building, $200. George Jewett, vacant frame building, $200. Henry Mandt, 8%m and tobucco; most of the stock saved, loss $.'00. Thos. Eccles, small loss on goods; on all of which there was no insurance.


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