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He wa a f rlend of inlne, aud uaed Iré ciicnt tn drop in and givc me lilvio liow 1 ouht ti) nin iny jiiijx-r. He wai a nrlnUter, and couBquently thnught 1 slioukl devote a little mon n tlic religión, :uhI iint ouite mi much to xilitic-. lie -lid il could be made a power for good n the wetitaro huid, io whielí ¦ liad cari oor fortanes. He was lover of the original, too. and -aid lie dUllked to reprint, and thoiinlu I siioulil take the Urne, in fact, to till the papt-r lip with geod, tm -n.ll Tliat icli tu eay thing tor liiiu I i i liim: " Bi liad !i meeting at ¦ -: uigfat. I licki- ii)a up tur ii He diiluí -mu uj aLi ihoujcb Jic wanted to. I II! . He Susbed h littlc, untl i.hkI aroiin awkwanl-like. !! liad uever leeii bon ort-d with a ii invIUtloii to write l'or tli I -lili urged. Tlicn he tOOk olí' lli(kTa. And lii-. hal Aml his ovciroMl. 'riicn I pn liim al tbc tabU; with paper ind pi lli Ml down to editorial rork Ilr luid hys lici-n talkiiiü ahoiit how it sliould be done, aad now ln ;it il. lli' -taili'tl in. 1 weut iIhhii ni y woik, and luiving H ril column ir two ¦! inatti r for tlic Vk'eek' impeí-, l-fi liim stil I wrltinfr, white I wen out to solicit . ailvcitisi'iiicnts. I m nat .ui hoor ft two, and wben i ame 1ihK lie s htill at it. He wu iwofttiiut awl'ully. Tlie tahlc and tl'xir ere white itl copy-pper, and the ix;ncil in his hand wa mucli Uliulnislieit In leli{ili. I went lo dinnel'. en I returned lie ra nt il ytt.. I i.i ir na inoic paper icattered around, the paaeJ] ns dwiter aud he waa etter. It wa Mtminet) The flrngged along luto the middle Ot' the aftcrniHin. Orent oordi Mood out on tlie preacher'a hciitcd bro II is evi's werc bent oh the dazIIntf hite lai-r befoN liiin, and his tingrs moved nervously, and tlie ]H'nil was a sttib. 1 Ix'jran tn (frow trihlcnc:d. I knew 1 liad oiily a niall weckl) paper, and tlmt its fotirteen uolllinnc ot spaee (one in patent hiwardO wonld nol holil the coni.-nt- ol Bi ble. At last the man looked uj, .uul, timklly advaiuiiif; wiili n pieoe ut' paper in One hand, suudenly turnrd and went UacU to rliange a word. ¦filen be calne on agnin, and, like i who had passcd tbRMga a visinn, lield ont til' pa[H'r and feebly a-ki'd: "WUlthatdof 1 looktd. There were jugt seveu line ot it, uJver_¦ mesisare! Be MI a largt' man - weijtliing over :i00 pounds then, hut w hen I niet hini tb roe wi'cks later, he weigoed leu thun liö pound. He had been siek. The Mven-line-nine-hour effort wau too nitit li ftii htm. Uut it was not all lost. He never adviscd in editor affstn. Neitlici did Ui: ever roinpose lor a paper again. It was hanl work for liini to write. and he saw he was not ent out for au editor. -


Ann Arbor Courier
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