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A Farm Hand Has His Say

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A oorrwpoadent of Hm Wwtera Rural tells bis -iilf of i story, and a very plausible one, too, and gives the reasons wl. farm liando are scai'ce, aud t! int'ii like town or city IWt the best: Njiii: vrars g' I tiivki'liiij "i it.irin f so! . whicli liad ¦ tliirty-live eows, niilk tn bc ready toi shipinént ly train at ." a. in. Sundays. and 7 a. 111. weck days. I had i everytliing witli the exception of did my üuty faithtully in tin 1 and man for Unce ycars, and vet the owner. wIki tiij(iicntly xprMwd liiinself as pleased witli the wuy things were manaycd. thonjrht me vcry hanl on liini lircausc 1 thought my serriccs were wortli $ö a niouth MOM 10 liim tlian Uie otlier man, who had Dothlng i" tJiiuk ot bilt his train and doas lic was tolil. Ariiii], tivo hrotlirrs livril on tarins ni-arly oppntlifce each other and oi the same -ir. Oue ipring n engagiug tlicir help, one tatfaréM the terrtoei of roang man rhow experlence renüered liim capable of umnaging auv tariu. HU cbaraccsr wiu without rcproach,and behad do bad bablt wbate ver. About i nionth later, the other brother riijracd a green Germán íor $14 per montli. or $5 ltss tlian hi brother paid pei nionth. The man could not do auythin; without being shown, and was vcry caic15ut ulthoiiïh he lenew that hú intcrnere iooked after as well as it he was ly all the time, the employer of the ii'l man thought it hanl that he should nay more tuan big brotber. and liiutlly trieu to reduce latellinnoe, ezperienoe and ïiddity to a levcl witli Ignoranct ind carel' 'l'hc resiilt was, lus inun left in disgust, and ia now a loafcr in sotnc city. The laruuis are men ol standing and money. 1 hear men complain ot üie lack of lirsti la- help and wonder why jroane men prelt-r city lile, or inytliiujr bilt hirin' out una farm. 1 don't. Why? you :isk. Ín the city or town a man knows juit wben his day's work 8 done, while oti the farm I is nol . There is alway sonic chore tu tic done, and with a certain cla- ol uis to lic, tbc more you int t tlir belji the betU'r. TllfQ, U)O, in the city tin letUinj; to ittcnd without goinp four or tive miles. When you Ure your liclp, Mlow fannet.-, treal tlieni, if thev ate frood men in every HHM of the word, as f they wtre nicn. a-t thOQgh ymi appreciatcd tlieir ellorts ti plfütfl Anothcr coinplaint is, that thcy are olt 'vcry niglit. WU, let'n sce. John J,i'ts tbrotagh hi chores at 0:90 p. m , sits down to gtudy. gett fairly buerested when - Jobo, .Mis. 8. wants a pall of uater." llcgets it.and beginsagain wticil - "John, I wish you wou ld t;et uit a couple of sticks ot wood, or a hol fiill of coal." John jtetn thcin, puts up bil DOOk and gjpM to lied The iiext nicht rinds liim non (ut. This s a íwniple of the way a man studies or rcads evenil I any wonder thal Hiev are out Now, I have Hot wrilton tbis articlc to inake wrordj or stir up cninity, but to sho why fOUIig men dislikc tlic farm so nmch. "All work and mi play makes Jack a diill hov," COUtaJnn mnri' truth than poetry. " Ent-ourijro thu yoiiiijr poet."- Yeg, enrourage hiin. We wrote poetry unce our selves, iui uc nere not oneouraed. Wben we Miinniticil a fburteen p.iyc poen to a publislier, lic siud the ntcaeure waa ilefecl ve. We oflfered to unte Ma uom paea ,ind givc lihn full MMN lliout extra charge, but hu didn't euoounun ¦ ". N'iid niiiny of the linos lacfced requisita iiuuilxr ot lid, hmiI wapropoaed towratcli off teventaen more t-et ol the .-tutl on the 10 tliat lic m trilt :uM a tooi hero and tlieli" wlierc it Woiilil do tilt' BMMtjCOod, 1IH lie didn't HMOtinga us. He made ;i iiiotion to put :i loot wlierc it vvoiildn't do lis :my gpoá, and we rut iiway Ironi tlit-rtwithout ualclAg anv t'iiiilicr prupositiou. HoDiethlng tola us t iroold ! unhealthy to liiii'r around thcre any longer. lint we subscijuently loM onr poem. Wc got tuo cents a xmnd tor t, and tilt1 purclia.T didn't grumble aboat a lack of "BMMN" or "tect," either. He si-cinul to appreciate the production; but tbe can - less manner in wbicb he jaamed it iuto au old liag was not oalculated to eocoui young [KKt.


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