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"I Ihm't Want Tliat Stuif [s what ;l lady oí BoStOD Klill t( her Illlsband w hen he broughi lioiae sanie medicine td cure Iht I sick Mudadle and neuralgia which luid maik lii'i miserable for buiteen vea re. At the Qrstattack Uiereafter, it wan ailiniíiistcifil to lier witli sucli ;:ood resulta -lir mnttfined ttá use uiitii cured, aiul as mi t nlliusia.-lii in Is, that -lie loduoed twenty-two ot t lie best families in her tírele lo adopt it a tlieir recular family medicine, Tliat "stuff" is Hop Bitters. - Standard A msgiiin'cent carvod block of -tone weighiug 18.000 ouihU, has been received from Dom Pedro as his ;ifl to tlic WashlagtOfl íiionunieni conuiiiitcf " in perpetua tint; the iiieuiory of the illustrious oí Amo iíiin repubiic, for whom hit) 'y cliciislie. thc warwest admlratlou." WLuu ; a.k.ttrj bUw mpim' iitnnc ñ triplo Washington1! lomba) Mount Vernon lid witli liisown !i:inds plaüted a lycamore tree by túe -ile of tlie tonib, over wbich lie liso scattered Uowers. who ."-utler I'roin an enli'ehled aiul lísoidered Ríale o! llie stein, shoulü take íji-i1 SanaparlOa aud cteaaaa the blood. i'urge out the lurking disteinper that iiiUruiiiie.s the healtli aud tonstitutionul vigor will return. T(i-niurin will lie the Mtfe auiiici-ai y t the establishment of the tiist uew.suaper. t appeared ïn Hasrlem, Rolland, Jan. 8, ($56, and was cal led De Weekelyike Courant van Europa. It contained only luo! folio pafros. Truiibh'somc t'lilldreu liat Hic a'wayi wetting their beds ought tot to be aeoided and punislied lor wliat liiv eanuot heip. TUey need a pMdMua laving a ton e effect on the the kidneyt and irinary orgau. Such i medicine is Kidïey-VVort. il ljaa pecitic aetion. Do not ail tofjet it lor thciu.- Kxchangu. By the Use of Fellowg' Symp of Hypo )lio#(iites the blooil is peedily vitalixep uní jmritíecl, and so maiïe eapable of prolitcing a struog tullid aud body. WIkmi lililí' Henry Aiifin-tus was reprlnanded hv liis tatlier fof throwlnc ttOÜM It anotlier hoy. and tolil ihat lic niight be laaged nm day if be was not a better oy, tlie lad tmid M didn't care if hc wotüd e, "for theii llie papen would print my tortrait, and lh irls would end me flown in jail, and I'd go to heaven, and that'd k; bully." The iulcrenee is plain tliat Icnrv Augustus reads the daily papen. - NorrUtown Heiald. Mi Good Woinan, .-.e yqu so out of sort.-, never able i cll lolks that yon arweU? Ten to one tü all cau-iil in t Ik; tirst píaos by habitual onstiatioii. liicli 00 doubt liually OMlimii eraiiK'tl kidni'vs and liver. The stire ure lor eotutipation is the eclebrated idney-VorI. Il is alao a (UeciAc leincdv or all kidney and Jiver dlseaset. Thou anda are run-d liv t every nionth. Try mee. - Toledo Hl.uli'. Au lm leasing Htmu i . The danser of paralysii and apoplezy is ui irused, as age creeps on, because the blood vessels beeomc ocfiöed and brittle, whu'h can be prevented liy timely use of hoMj anil malt bitters. Ak tbr a. free ampie bottle "Momen N.ver Tliink. II' the irablied old baclielor win) uttert'd ilii.s sentiment couid bui witness the intense thonght, deep srtidy and thorough invegtlgatjon of winnen in determinlng tlir hoi medicines to keep their families well, and would note their Mgacity and wisdom in select i nc Hop Bittert as toe best, and deuionlnitiiii,' it by keeplug their families in perpetual healtli. at a mere nominal expense, he would be torced to acknowledjíe Iba! mch sentimenls are bascless and false. - Pieayune l'liysiciana claim Hops and Malt Hitten iré tbe bet.


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