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Caldwell At Springfield

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Here's the snot. Look around you. Above on the height. I.ay the Hessians encamped. By the church on the the right Stood the gaunt Jersey farmers. And here rmn a wllYou my dig anvwhere and jrou'll turn up a bal!. Nothing more. Grasses spring, waters run. rtowers blow, Pretty much as they did ninetythree years ago. Nolhing more did I say ? Stay one moment ; you've heard Of Caldwell, ilie parson, who once preached tlie wofd Down at Springfield I What? No? Come that's bad. W hy he had All the Jersey's aflame. And thev gave him the name Of the "rebel high pritst.'' He stuck in their gorge. Kor he loved the Lord God- and he hated King George ! He had cause, you might say, when the Hessians that day Marched up with Knyphausen, they stopped on their WY At ihe "Farms," whcre hii wife, with a child in fier imd, Sat alone In the house. How It happencd none knew But (iod- and that one of the tiierling crew, Whn hred the shot. Knough ! There ilie l.iy. And Caldwell, the chaplain, her husband away ! Did he preadi-did he pray? 1 hink of hiiu, as you stand I!y the old church t6-day ; think of him and that i 1 Of militant plow -hoys ! See the smoke and the heat lf the rctklt-N', mtvance of that struggling rctnat Keep the ghost of thal witt?, l.)u]y s.lain, in your view - And what could you- what should you, wint woulil you do? Why, just what he did 1 They were lefl in the lurch o wuntol more wadding. He r:tti to the church. thf Moor. cii..a iL i , una aaHiicd out in the road With his arnis lull of hymnbooks, and threw down his load At their fcet I Then above all the shoutine and hots . Rang his voice : "Put Watts into 'em, boys: itive 'em Watts." And they did. That Is all. Grasses spring, flowers blow, I'rctty much as they did nhiety-thrce years ago; You may dig anywhere and you'll turn up a buil, But not always a hero like tnis - and that's all.


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