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A greU man y plooi people resemble tho U1 cathedral In one particular : vi... tketr dim religión llght. Time is money wd nioney is time, for when you rve M cents to a couple of tramps it is a quarter to two. "Mike, (lid you ever cnteh frops?" "Yes, tonJt' "Whiitdidyoubaitwithi" '"Bate 'eni ritfa ¦ stick, KUT." Thoreau says " Women have nothing to s:iy ." It is quite likely they liad notning to 8iiy to Thoreau, who lived on $32 a ycar the price of a spring bonnet. Straii}rr - It is cousidercd a wrong thine for a huslmnd to strike to his wife, and yet BOt wfOOs for ¦ uitc to collar and culi' M husband. Whafs thc diíl't'reiH'e bitweeii a mafnetic healcr and a mulé? One luals by Isying on of hands and thc other kills by laying on of beel& We sell thrce like this [br u quarter.- Lowell Journal. "Wliat i tlio moon frood for?" askel I'iofc-sor Miller. " What are iU principal usesï" And the smart boy lookeil Op from the foot of the claS anj said, " To rest tbc gM companies." The tMcbex bid mwi eloquent in pictiinnií to his littlc cliildren the OÍ heaven, and flnally isked : "Wbat kind of llttle boy gó to heaVení." " Deau ones," abouted tlio littlc fellow al the foot Of tile i 'I ' A small boy went to see nis granumother. Afler looklng cagerly arouiul thc liuiulsoinelv fiirnislu-d room where he Fat, he exchiinieil. Inquiringly, " Oh, grandmampa, lure is the mlertbl table papa saya you keep? " At atanor host Introdoced to the favorable noticre of thc eomany B splenüld truílled pheasant. "Isn't it a beauty? he asked. " Dr. So-and-so gave it to me- killed it himsolf." " Ah, what was he treatiii" it for? " asked OM Of the guests. The Cincinnati Commercial contains a article entitled "A Word in the Ooi crnor's Ear." Inasmuch as the article :i nearly a column n length, ponple out. thi way would like to know whal kind of governor they have in Ohio.- Chlctgo Tri bune. At Cadillac, a few days ago, Justice Long married Peter W. Duck and .'nM.i A., líoriinnr p,i cayQ t1 Julia, "iiv Darling, will yon be my Duck?" áml .lulia replied, "Ves, before Loof," aml hereafter tbey will waddie through litv together.- Grand Traverse Herald. A regular bonanza : Her hand was evi dently not on good terms with soap ant water, hut was ueayily loaded with jewel ry. " liv (Mergel" whUpered Kogg "there'3 some rich digging over there. should gay that dirt wonld assay a dollar an ounce."- Boston Transcript. Fashion item : "Which had you rather be, a twinkling star in the heavens ora cornet that with its broad train of fir sweeps in majestic course through um known spaee ?" "I should prefer by al axeajxs to wear a train," gakl she, "bui not in unknown s])ace. It would i-ever le described in the newspapers."- Nev Haven K.;riMrr. A yoimjr frentlenian paid Iris addi to a youn lady, l,v vrhose mother he was unfavorably rwalved. "How hard," saic he to the young lady, " to separate those whom love has united !" "Veix hard indeed," replicii she, wiili grent innocenoe, at the same time throwing her anus around his neck, "and so mother will Ind it" A Kentuckian wbo was killed the OtkT day by falling from liis horse, nainod liis rive chiUlren Avenue Belle, China figure, Lomlon Judfe, Hebrew Fasblon aml ouuiueru oott. n.. n,u, ,. x.,.rT.;„T Ul()s(1 children would be to-day," thoughtfully reinarks the Jersey (ily JoOIHal, "I lUllier had lallen off horae and killed himst'lt' a year before the uhlesl waslwrn." Bomethiog immense : "Jusl Hiinkof it!" exetalmed Jones; "PlDgreys' new hc.nk ione thousand nietres long !" " tli . asked Kogg, adding, "By the way, Jone how long is a nietre?" "Blamed il' 1 know," said Jones, "but judglng from the distanoe my g!is meter covers every inonth it must be something immense. - Boston Transcript. A man vvlio was tooj)oor to indulge in any luxuries other than children was presented by a loving but unreckoning wife with triplets- three boys- and he sought for a family to adopt them. Mr. Clark was rather incllned to take them, but his good wife thought one would perhaps be enough. They were talking it over before their little 8-year-old daughter, who B&ld, "Why don 't you take one of them, ma, or don't they want to break the set."


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