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The Blooniington I'antagraph bitterly mourns the rage In that city tor Ducket Ikop deals and dabbling in Mexican mines. Well, let them alone, brother. Some time they will wake up and find thcmselves wearing summer ulsters in the middle of the winter. If any one in the liglit of the experience of the past few years is idiot nough to put hismoncy in silver mines or n bucket shop deals we" have nosympathy wlth hlm, ana the somier he goes to the wall and is obliged to work for a living, the better for him. It seems singular that therc are so many fools in the world. but ;here appears to be no sign of any reductlon in the number. There is nothing in this world that takes such accurate knowledge to run properly as minin;:. liut every man who has iurested in a chunk of imirtz in Colorado, dreanis tliat he is on the. way to become a bonanza ;king. Meanwbile the man who has sold him the mine laughs in his sleeve and comes cast and purchases a jood farm, settles down and takes the world easy. It isone longsysteni of gullingfrom one endto nnother. Many men havegone from central Illinois to the mines, in the last few years. What of them ? The suecessful ones can be told on 'one's fit The unsuccessful ones are scattered. Some of them sleep In unknown anl nofrleeted graves; some of them are working away try trying to get home, and some of them liave ïeturned, glad to get back. The whole thinglsadelusion and, to the many, afraud. By and by the people will wake up to a realïzation of the faet it takes about a dollar's worth of labor to get a dollar out of the troon), whether it be from the bowels of the earth in tlie shape of a carbonate, or taken from the top in the shape of a potato, and that in the long run the potato has the. most money in it. There w notblng in the line of 9peciilation lliat will dlcount savlng and Worklng at home, anil the soouer theordinary man fecl the bettir it will be for him. Ksperiallv is this true of the man with no capital The BMMt foolilb thing he can do is to go to the mines without the special krowledge of minlng that makes it a trade. H has tobe learned as all other things do, and when a man must learn it all by working forothers forhis daily bread, it is a hard Job. - Feona Journal.


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