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The Government Chemist's Report On Baking Powders

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To the editor of the Coubier. The recent publ catión of the report, 'ivinrthe comparative raerlts of varions inkiiijr I'owders. MJCordtag to tests made tf the Govcrninent ('licniist, bas nduoed .'.Tiic (il the manufacturera of branda, vliosc nferiority was thusbrought tolifrht, ) resort to various means and publications n orderto rid themselves of the resulte of nat unfavorable exposition of their in'eriority. That "the public may fully understand lie matter, anti to avoid any misconeepion arising out of statements of our comletitors. seekin to break the force of the cport, I hercwith subjoin the tnain part of he report, in wuich the comparntive hIhcs are correctly given. Dr. Love's tests were made to determine vhat brandt are the most economical to ise. And as their capacity lies in tbell eavening power, tests were directed solely o ascertain the uvailable gas of each towder. ComparaAvaUaNf Ooi, Uve A'twu af tht Cubio Inehêi, ptr Worth Uiting PowdUrt. each ot. I'owdtr ptr pound. 'Royal"(cream tartur powder) 127.4 80 cU. Kum!.mr'(phophate)frh ... ,_122.5 48 ct. Kumford'8"(pliosphat)old _ 32.7 18 CU. ¦IIunford'8 None Sucli" 12Ï.8 47cti. Ki'illirad'a " „117.0 46 cU. Charm" (!um powder) _.116D - 'Amazou"(alum powder) „1I1.V -'(!Hliort WPlght % OZ).I10 8 43 rU. ¦Czar" _ -106.8 K ot. 'Dr. Prlce'sCream" 102.t 40 cU, 'Lew1s's"conden8ed _ 8.S Sscu. ri's"yeast 7 .5 38 cU. AndreW f'earl" 3.L' 3%cU. 'II. 'ker's Perfect" 92.5 36 CU. ¦Huik Powder" 805 30 et. Tlie Uovernment CliemUt also adds: "I re;ard all alum powders as very unwbolesome. 'hosplmt.' and tartarlc acid powder liberale lielr gas too lreely In process of baklng. or unLer vuryliiK cllmatlcclianges suffer deterloraIcm." It is proper to tbat all the powders 'Xiiinineil were froni the oiXiii market, and bat the original labels WIK in every case brokeu by Dr. Love himself. He al'so in m me that lic, himself. puichasoil the ¦au ot' Koyal Bakiii-r l'ou-'l.T at store il l'ark Í Tilford. I mily to ailil, that for 20 years the Koyal Baking Powder been before the public, and it is to-day the MndmJ far lurlty nul exoeüeBca tbroughout tinrorla Beoatweof ita intrluic nn-rit, and virtiic of honorable enterprtae, the Royal Bakhig Powder bas taken this rank, and I aiii ttieri'Iore not surprised to fiml a.lventurers in the business anxious to assuine their nniiarations to be its equal. rrmiluent Koyal liaklng rowder i uinpany, New York, May 31, 1881.


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