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If this Dakota craze keepsup tlurt' mm l be anybody left in this part of the country but grass witlows. - Albion RepubHean. The prospecta for fruit are haprorlng. The countenances of fruit growers are looking brighter.- Ik-nton Harbor Palladium. Three Rver9 has seven lawyers and Hen doctors. Most of the inhábitants are peaceable, and some live to a good oíd age? - Three Rivera Tribune. The Howell job seems to have a peculiar ini'atuation to the rnenibers of the legislature, they having made another vote necessary Tuesday.- Marine City Republican. The flock of sheep belonging to S. G. Taylor, consisting of 70 ewos, 36 yearlings and 4 bucks, sheared 1000 pounds of wool, which is anexceedinglylarge clip.- DowaKiac Republican. The heavy rains which have fallen throughout this week have done considerable dam.'ige to some of the vegetable gar(li-iis that are situated on the low-lands.- MilNilalc Business. You can't advertise enough In B week to last a whole year, any more than you can eat enough in seven uays to last 305; and yet some of the so-called business men seem to think o.- üalesburg Kxpress. Dader a state law Uie superintendents of poor are required to ship th bodtes of f riendless deceased paupers to the medical department of the univcrsity. Two were sent iroin here th is week. - Allegan Journal. R. O. Rose, of the Pioneer Magnet, went to Cleveland last Tuesday morning to attend a meeting of the Executive Uommlttee of the United States raihvay mail service mutual benefit association.- Pioneer Magnet. The editor of the Union bas gone on a moonlight excursión from Chicago to Cleveland, and in consequence, this wuek's paper is got out by the devil, which accounts for its superior excellency. - Ovid Union. The Hlctrlffan legislatura has practlcally closed its labors. The MttM lias lieon longer tli.iti usual, but wilh Mlchtxan'e growiog K)]nilatiun and wcalth, thisshould not be severcly rommented upon. - Ingham Lu. News. The chances are that no train ever went through Adrián when so large an amount rf wealth was representcd by the same number of men, as the Jay Goutf train rver the Butler road yesterday. Adrián Daily Timet This section wasvisited by quito ¦ ln:i v frost Monday inorning, whlcn In (OOK placel across the river and west of the village. ut down corn, potatocs, beans etc We learn of no damage on the higlier land. - Tu&cola Co. Pionoer. There are four newspapers in Hillsdale. md yet it is expected that the min ster of the various churches will spend 10 or 15 minutes every Sunday morninj; and evenIng reading dead head adrertiaementa from their pulpits.- Hillsdale Standard. This year demónstrales to the observirifí [armer tbai tlie greatest profit in farming g not to be desired from adhering steadily io any erop, but makeasmall portion f rom ch of several assist in making up tinprotits of the year.- Buchanan ltecord. While a few discontented Michigan farmers think they can better themselves hv moving out of the state, John Noble has ust transported ïiimsolf, wife and eighi ihildren frora Australia to Tuscola oounty it an expense of over f2,500. - Briglitoii Ditlagn. In ciglit and one-half hours, one day lost iveek, Messrs. Tim Yorkes and brotlmr "pread about 500 square yards of paint on E. B. Clapp & Co. s new bed and lence uljoining. They were not at work by the ob eitber. Wiio can beat that?- Klint Citizen. A cat in the western part of this town(hip is raising a iitter of ground squirrcls. They are not her own progeny howcver, nit she has adopted them and treats tln.-iii ill the same, and they secni to be thriving mdgrowingfinely uiiderhcrc.irc - Beniep jprings Era. Mrs. Stellwagen living % of a mile west )f thia villagc il the possessor of some books f (luite ancient origin. One of them is a exicon 140 yeare old, another is a Gemían Mole printed in 1668, just 213 years ago. The books with very few toxcepttoni are A'ell preserved.- Wayne Co. Review. The wool season has fairly opened. [til O ba hoped that Mt. Clemeus buyers will akc in more than they did last year. It ippears to us that the wool business here ;ouid be considerably increased by a little ushing and advertising. Prices now run ¦rom 30 to 32c- Mount Clemeng Mouitor. Farmers and others in this vicinlty woke i Monday morning to flnd that Jack Frost had pald thelr gardens a visit ttie light prerious and done considerable daniige to corn, tomatoes, beans, etc. l'p the river a short distance it 11 taid that ice roe uearly a quarter of an inch thick. - fuscola Advertiser. Tbe attorney general, Van RIper, is credtcil with befag more attentive to the public business than his predeecssors. He has been so constant, in bis atiéndame al the aate office that his own private practioe has suffered. Mr. Van Riper is the kind of man the pcople want in office another year. - liattle Crcek Tribune. ('liarlrvoix is enjoying a steady tad'fttiiiaiicnt prosperity. Chiu-levoix boomt nat is (he mushroon growetb, bnt with a weU rcgulatfd and wcll oHerwd activity. Kv.rv ;vontraotor has his bande f uil. and every L-arpenter, painter, piaster, stonema.son anil laborer bas steady employmcnt at good rage. - Charlettrii Bentlnel. J. C. Bontecon has been ilapped b} W. C. T. l'.. and it is not protwMe tliat Kood Christian ladies will picad for hls promotion in future. The East Saginaw convention passed a resol ution against the use of tobáceo in all forms, which is a rebuke of the smoking room by Bontecou wit Lansing help.- Lanslng RepabUesn. Mr. Editor:- That littlo girl, wbom last winter had to warm the pole for het chickena toroost upou. is ajrain in troublp. ow abe has a setting hen who will not sit square on hcrergs. As editora aresupposed to know everythinif, please teil her how Bb can make that ben do her woik riirht ana obligo.- Tan Buren vo. Republlcan. The Wil,,,,, U (Ma f.unous for tlieir puilUtic qualities of late. It seems that tivii of them were in love with the same man, and became jealous one of the .Uier, n thcy, man fashioa, took it out in ilrv knocks th thei, delicate lists- for ttamc -nis! The one the fUow thoiieht the most of was wonted In the public, 3igrraoefu] mclee. They talk of trvinir il uveragain.- Farwi-11 Éagktar. C. P. Sweol lias heon awarded the oontract to bulld th Petotkay and Oaylord nate road and abo Ote Borne Kallgand South Arm state road. Th'is mav be all nght bot we tliink if be would devote a little of his time to complete those already on his hands, notably the Cheboygan and CYoss Village road, instead of lookinatler new contráete it would be better for the interests of the state.- Cheboyo-an Tribune. " The Kvcllin." 1?A 1.- u ,..l,.i. ii . ¦miliTngand well written account or the manner in which an Ogden stnner was taken in by a monte man, and the Kal.nmazoo Times stole the article, eliangod a name nr two, adapted it to Kulaniazoo andprint(kI it as original. Ihti-h Uw. i; r.j F j. ,-,.,,, ;....-iy iiiidjiistly "kicks" and ex] the fraud. It was even a meaner form of newspaper piracy than ordinan thJevlng, by not mng credit- Adrián Pu A. .T. Kellogg, of Detroit, one of the fish commtasionen nf the state, was in town wi'i'K wiwi i4u,uuusnrereei8 trom Troy. N. 1 . WniCU nave uren aupuslled UI ule liimd n this village and in Littlejohn, Minekier, Damónt, Bpeetade, and other lake in tliis vicinity. H also left some with ]arties at Plainwell. He tells us that about 500,000 will bc planted in the state this year. - Allegan.Tribune. Certain parHesin TiTIuMnVrn ronntjr loom to take exception to our mode of fíuhlisliinf the Lake City Journal. All we have got to say to them, and to everybody eUe is, it' you don't want the Journal stop it. We have ncvi r asked a man, woman, or chtld t take it. nor do we ever expect to. li you think you are not getting the worth of your $1.50 stop it, and stop your blowing about it.- Lake City Journal. The News job rooms have recently completed a supremo court record, making a book of 203 pages, contalnlng the fullTiistory of the well-known Harris-Sweetlatid law case, that was tried in tll Kulamaoo circuit in 1S77. We are ncither a lawyer nor are wc acquainted witli thcfacts lurtherthan we liave read them in the voluminous iMUmony whlle printing ft. imt itlooks to our mind as if Mr. ilarris was then the victim of an adventurous swindler and a subsidized court.- Cadillac News. Several parties at Eureka werp "let down" to the tnr.i' of about $500, liy the gambiet acoompanying Bllllard & Dcmott's ei mis, while at that phiee OO Saturdav last, among them old Mr. Kalles, wlm dxopped $110. Various nuiouni, dten peared from sundry individuáis in tliis vicinity in the same way, while the same chaps were here on the previous day ; all of which constrains the Journal to reitérate the old saw that ''a fooi and bis money are soon parted."- Gratiot Co. Journal. Rev. A. 8. Bunnell of Marión has Jut returned from a tamily reunión held at tiifather's home at ('ed'ar Creek, Barry Co., Mich., the gathering being in honor of the 61st anniversary of the nutrriage of his aged parents. Mr. Bunnell is the youngest of ten living children. Mis parents, who are aged respectively 89 and 81 years. are verv smart and active still. Over 70 pel enjoycd the anniversary, loclading in it s numbers four genorations. Nt a death has occurrel In tliis familv tor over 80 years.- Livingston Ifepublican. The statement in the liattlo Crcek corresl"'"'l'-' l' the l'ost and Tribune, that Judge Crofoot, now stopping at that place, was the vlctlm oí familv intrigue to get -ion of propertv or for any other hostile purpose, is too rkficakmi to reqalre noticc. Never man had a wife, sons, and daughten, more tboroughJy naafJflih In tlieir untUnted devotion to his welfare in 'l'lie (tatenMDt dt the correepondenl aforesaid is regardcd M I grOMMtfragV by even' Ier8on cognizant of. the circomstancea in this countj-.- Pontiae Oaxette. Emmet ooiinty edito rs are tnaklngmoncy. hand over hand. Tlicv liever have to deny any liixurv lieart may dere. The editor of the Harbor Springs Bapubllcao wanted a croquet ground, and the only spot that u-t sulted him was arready occupied by a building. Ile bought the lot, called on llic citiens to help, and all went to work and tore down tlic Imilding, leveled oll' the gronnd, and DOW that editor has a crof[uet grouad thatheis provul of.- Grand Traver-c Ilerald. '.. Bro Bates, wo jiurchast-d the ground anti building of which you speak, hut with borrowed money. That'g the way we are making inonev -'hand over hand." If, at any time, you areisiting this section and are dr slrous of plaving a game of croquet cali on us.- Spring Harbor Kepublican. The crops certainly present a very sickl v appea ranee, and farmers have abundant reaaoD for feellng bhie. Wheatlooks bad. and in a majority of instances will not lui nish the farmer much more than bis bread and -eed, while in many instances it will fall far short of even that figure. Corn, oats and hay are very much prostrated. Many farmers iiavc alowwl np thelr wheat fleldg in jjerfect disgust, and are down hearted. Some are planting a largearaount of beanj in hopa of partially regaining gMkt pecuniary loss on the other erop. In a great many oases corn ha been J)l:iutod twjec. From the pre-ent nut look it does seem that Livingston county can be relied upnn for more than half a yield on itscereals.'incloding corn, and it it may fiill short of that figure. The recent ralns will probably improve the chances of the hay and corn erop, and do oats sonngood, hut wheat is beyond redemption. -


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