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The Board Of Supervisors

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The board of MperrtaOCT ol' tliis county met at the MMttt bODM 1 'uesday, the 14th ust., and organized by the clection of the Boa. T. U. LaM, ai Salem, as chairaran. Oreat interest has been feit forthe lastfew - liy lcading poliücians of all parties, t.i ivho would control Hm committees. The upervisors wan dividivi. politically, lafoUowk: 11 ropahUcwi! i"2 iiifuli. imd t'i nat ion Hm demorriits went inlo eancus and unnniimmsly BomimtÉd tliat old wheel beñe o( the dfiniHTitry, Hon. John .1 Kcil)i-oii, ol Sliaron. Aa Kuiervisor Burch, ol Kaneheeter, il a near neiglibor and frifinl of Jïnbi'iiii. and had said he would rota tol him, under ccrtahi eireunistnm ¦-, the dciiKK rats Ml extreniely happy. They went ai-oiiini shaking baada, with awUtnc Ung thal ihey had no necd dftlie greaaback mr aatkwal votes now; tlity OOttld paddk their own canoe. The 11 rtpublicans went into caucus, not teéüng very coulident. Upon exclianging rtewa, it was found that there was a nnaoimoiu (eeliog that it would bc l-t, uniler uil the circumstanccN to nouiinate i lh r Laoe oi lliirch, as they feit that the sj inpaUiius of each wcre more with the republioiin than with the dcniin -latic party. Sc ¦ nmittee was sent out to see if either would aocept ÖM nomination. They found the two nattftnail holding their cuiieus. Mr. liiinli Mid he hail no taste or desi re forthe offlee, and would not accept, Dut bil friend Lane was peculiarly wcll iualiBed tor the position; that the nntionals in their caueus had nominated him. and if iheir rapnbliou friends would ratify the n.iiniiiatidn, Mr. Lane wmild bc eleeted. So die iMininated Mr. Laue, and li tad on the lirst ballul, mcehisg I -' tot Mi1. Kobison. The electiou of ilr. Lne is ¦ fMtt triamph forthe nutional party, and alao lor the republicana, becaoae the oblef aim and objCt of the democracy has been M re-district tiii OOWttf that they might elcet l)Oth of the raptVaBfltattTM 10 wliich the county i DOW iMititled. The republibara bten willing that each party ¦honld have ene n pre-entiitive, and BIltaM il " liu tfaaaa arr at lault, wórkofthe Bperrhorfwill n.snlt iuafair re-ilistricting of the county. Kipublicans have a right to rejolce as well as the nationale.


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