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i he Iegislatiire beforc ítadjournt-d. ed a bilí providing for an cmigration cora90 tOttMuM tí three individual-, as i andentand t, and an emicration aecnt. rnp uuglllKfl of thc flrst will V to prepan liook-, and papen, and Iracts, Mttínf forth Ln (lowlng tcrms the idvantages of this -laic. Tha bnataMM of tlie latter wlll be to live in good style in the city of New York, at the expenM Of ttM people of Michigan, andrhen ¦ cargo of emigrante arrive, hire Interpretar to induce them to come to Michigan and make their hornos ith ns. New this tblng may be all right, but it dont Mrikc in tli:it lilit. Michigan has Uní Incrrmlnff n wenltli and populación tlie pait (u;i i ter of a century as rapidly as :my of lier surrouiídinf; statcs. In fact but M Of two states in the entirc unión liave outstrippod lier. And this, too, without any expendliure. We submlt to the people of this state if the prosperity and advancement of the past few years has not liccii all Ihat could bc desircd. Why Uien i:ix the people to advance what is already advancinp; as rapiilly BI is consistent with the Kod of the comnionwealth ? And again. our unoccupied lands con0# forests, which every year become more valuable because ot the rapid éttiniiishmcnt of thc timber and liunber tliroughout the nation. The question is, do wc want a horde of forcigners to come in and destroy what is llUXlj v.minhing fast enough 't Anothcr thing, nearly all of the emigrants who come to this country kaam their destinatiou bcfore leaving Europe. Tliis is cspcciallv N with the daas who come with sufflcieut funels to help tliemt, Those wilh nothing but their hands can dú little in our forests, ajid wlll have to icceive charity, either public or piïvati'. Michigan is different frora most of the western Hatea. Sha has no prairie land. Il takes scvcral ycars to subdue the land and L'ri ¦ (arm into such a state that a tamily can make a good livelihood oft of it. Thc advanccnipnt and Rrowth ot' thp lanning interests of our state must of a ssity bc less rapid than her liste -lali with their va-t prílliM So this foreign ilciiKiit will drift to our cities and increage Um population without increasing the wealüi woJuccxs. The northern poninsula we doubt ever Ealng a riek agiteadtml región. The northern portion of the southern península 11 mlvancing in wtaltli ai rapidly by the advance of the value of her forests as it ¦ TOT will by putting in foreigners to help on the destruction. It is nll'IWlilj doubtful to our mind if the legialatare has done a wise thing in (le.itini; these new offices and ofl'n live upon the money of the people.


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