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Detroit's Prosperity

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Aecording to the Post and Tribune of 1 . i - 1 Sunday Jay Gould bas decided to niake lic iroit one of the important points in the t Wabash -vstoma of railroads. The oiii.lction of the Detroit & Butler R. R., and IU066M of the union depot scheme h:i dotermtned blm opon thiscourse. She will also be upon the tlirougli route of the - Pacitic railuay, the connection east bcingmade with the (reat Western railway of'Caimda. us wc iinder-taiid t. Tu the energy and labor of Mr. Jas. F. .!o , more than to that of any other man, is dae tho credit of building up Detroit before these, schemes were thoufht of. Now that he has successfully completcd Hm Butiw link in the Wabash chain, and carried throuh the union depot scheme, be more tlian ever deserves the liearty good will of Detroit people. It may be -t (d ttiat in all of his schemes he takes care that his oivn interests are enhanoed. Supporing Me does. wiiat of M II woold be a foolish man in these days who would squander his money to eni-iih a gTMl city, (where many of the paople are oppoaed to advancement, espcci.illy. ! Then too, there are not inany capltelittl who stmly to make their own iiiU-rcsts idcntiial with the ¦rrowth and ad imcmcni oí t city as Mr. Joy has done. The people of Detroit owe to this gentleman and a few of hls associutes a debt of irratitiidc tor his labors in behalf of thcir c tv. The people of the state, also, oufiht to rcjoice over the prosperity of its metropolis, for tlicir ii.twrcsts are in a measure idcntical. Now if the bridge or tunnel scheme eoaU be made a success the future rapid groirth of Detroit would be assared beyond :i iicradMiituif. And at no distant day, ene or tbc other- a bridge or a tunnel - munt b built. The fiiorinoiis aiiinuiit of $11!, 000, 000 has been expended on tbc drtwmi ürooklyn bridge, oonnectiiig Brooklyn with Siew York City, over the East river. It is hard for a eonimon ixtsoii tograsptbc iiumensily of tbat amouiit, vet the contractors are said to have accoinplishcl the feat with nerfect ease.


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