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Manchester Statistics

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The following figures, given by Horatio Burch, of the township of Manchester, to the Enterprise, may be of interest to a large nuniber of our readers : There is in the township of Manchóte two hundred and sixty-five producers, and the following iigures represent some of their products : Acres of wheat harvested in 1M0, 4,M:; bushels, 104,260; average per acre, 25 1-6 bushels; acre9 now on ground, 4,498. Acres of coru last ye:ir, 1,748; bushels (ears), 128,795;. Acres of oats, 004; bus-luis, íO.kí.'i. Acres of clover seed, 180; bushels. MS. Acres of barley, 86; bushels, 1,670. Acres of hay, 2,312; tons, 2,683. Xumberof sheep now in town, 11,801; iiumber of shecp sheared last year, 10,015; nuniber of pounds, 61,")0l; average per head, 6 2-5 pounds. Largest erop of wlieat by Thos. Logan, 2,600 bushels. Otliers tliat raised 1,000 bushels and upwards: Messrs. I). Haldwin, Brower, Cooley, Richard Green, Robert Green, Gieskie, Frank Hall. H. Hall, Saber, Harniandin;er. Herman, Keek, Loucks, AI. McMahoii, James McMahon, Merriman, George Alartin, I'almer, John Rushton,;FruTik Spafard, J. F. Spafanl, Btout, Taylor Bros., Valentine. Heariest wtwi clip by F. Spafard, 1,700 pounds. ilcaviestcorniropby Ilarmandinger, 3,200 jualiels.


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