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Last í riilay a stranger oalMd at th 1 rtbune store to Ml if we bad an electrie light. He was sliown the lamp in the _. _, - i. M - . i 'i .i generator by going through tlie printing office to the engine room. He soon aftei returned with a lawyer, and saitl lic had a claim on the lamp anil generator. He rapn ented that Walter II. Hicks wbo bronght the macblnery here had do right to it what ever. Mr. Hicks is the gentleman who OWM the territory of Indiana for the Langley light and fie brotight the apjmratus Tiert thal the Souih Basa electric lirlit a-so-iation might tea Iti worktnga, It was exhibited for severul evenings in tlie Tribuut store that our citizens might judge of Itl workings, and we must say fofthe Langley light tlmt it gave good satisfaction. Mr Crane was inturmed that the Tribune min pauy had no claim on the light; that the had put it in their store simply to give tbOM wi.o liad never seen an electric lilit an opportunity to see one, aHd the tagget tion rai HUMM that Air. (.'rane had bettei see Prof. DuShane, who conducted the experiraeotal lightning. Crane went out an shortly afterwards returned, took the lamp and generator, bound thern on a dray, and p;iiil ¦ BOOd round price to have the dr:iyman liaul theui to Niles, where he liad tlicm ciessed on the MirhK-.m Con tnü ruad to Ann Arbor. He blmcell took the 11:30 a. m. train on the Lake Shore road. l'rot. DnSliuni' was busy with bk school work and did not hear of Crane's proceedings until after dinner, and he imineiliately telcgraphed Mr. Hicks, at Ann Arbor. The öaturday News of that city says that when Mr. Hicks received the telegram he niaile bis arrangements, me wlien the train got in there at 6:25 Saturday morning, lie took charge of the machine, telling the express messenger it was his, and putting it in lus wagon, drov( with it and still retains possession. When Crane got to Ann Arbor his feelings can be imagiued but cannot be described. The (.rane with a fish bone in lus throat is no couiparison. Mr. Hicks' riglit to the ma chine Is undonbted. He contracted with Langley for the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Minnesota, to be 8old for $1,000 each, and for each state Lanjjlcy was to furnish a generator and a lamp to exhibit, and was to have half the proceeds of the sales. Mr. llirks has fuithfully kept his part of the contract, and sold this state for $12,000, instead of $1,000, which is $7,000 more than he contracted to sell the live of the states for. Hls conduct hat of ;i fair and honorable man, and the comjianj .. t„ .. . r, , rlth him. Crane is a member of the electric ligbt company at Ann Arbor, organized since Langtejrl contract with Hicks, and the company is anxious to break Hicks' contract, as it iiichules some of the best terrltorry. The company aro out by the lamp kidnaping business, $2 for attorney's fees,$J for expresa charges, and Crane's fare from Ann Arbor and return and tbey have not got the lamp eithcr


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