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Ohhi.k-. Ruil Hun. ham. Memoir d Pk.¦.I i.y E. li. Willscm aml AMrí ¦ '¦. !(..(,, ii : IxK'kwcxxl.Hrook ¦. Kor id Ana Arbor by $1.75. Thl book is one which wlll be of great Ínterett to the people af Ann Arlor In particular, of ftl nn.l of the grat wem. In genera!, tlirouglioul which the subject oí work Itev I . Hrlijuam, numbers very many a.lmn ¦ ers and frlends. Hl great learnlug, frwli, vigorous lulelle. t.Mnd fluent, sinootli aud at iliiiii! jMK-tlonl ne of luiiKiiai!' , drew alxuit hlm many UBtenere, especially amoog Ui.-Htudi-nl of the unlveralty, niñón whom hls especial work liiy wliile liere. He wu the flrst minister of the Unltarlan falth to plant a churoh In thl state, and he dld hl work well. But between him and hlscongregatlnn there never seemed to be the eordtall'.y and lovt-whlchoughttoezlatln such relatiom. Thls he feit, and In a letter toa frlend whlch U publlshed In the Meroolr, Is tboroughly expliiineri. His llfe bere wa never llke that of a Hum al boma Tblogi were Mttml from hls beloved New England, toward whlch hls ml ml ¦ 'iiiiMiiiiily tnrnod in love for (heold home and 1U people. Hl walk was among ieople of learnlng and cuitare by wliora he was respected and who he In turn respected, but they were not people to whom his affection went out. The papers publlshed are among the very best from hl pen, if any distinctlon could be made. The wrlttr is sorry to miss, however.hls lecture npon Ulrlch Zwingle, the Kwlss reformer. We have not the time thls week to review the book as it should be, but It Is certain the work will flncl rapld sale auiong the many admlrers of talent and learning of Rev. Cha. H. Brlgham, In thls and other places.


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