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Office Over Kinsey & Sea olt'8 Store, Washington St. 1042 45 YPSILANTI GREE10ÜSES! PRICES DOWN! ilaving a Large Surplus Stock on hand. of Kvery PLÁNTS AT ONK-HALF THE KEGULAR PRICB For the next 00 dus. A mout' tbe stock I have sume of the flnest varleties of Itonfx. itiiK'iiiiN. Acallas, 'arnatloMH Xniial .¦iHiiiumt, FuMrhlon, II) tlriinKpsh, Calla 1,11 ir, Begonia, A ¦- Verlienlas at 40 cents per dozen. In pots. The flnest Coleas and Centanrlas at 50 cents per dezen. Orders bj, or Otkwise, Promptly Fillei We make the most Elegant Floral Wnrk of any one il this or Wayne county. llave all tbe usua designs, bakett , etc. GREEN HOÜSES ON PEAEL STREET, NEAR P. 0 YPJIL.rt.HTI. 1040-41 I . IvAlBI.F, Proprlrtor. FERDONLÜMBERYARD JAMES TOLBERT. Prop., Manufactnrer and Dealer in 8ACINAW GANG-SAWBÖ II Ml!. LATH AND SHINGLES. We !r.vlte al! to glve us a cali, ana examine od stock before purchastng elsewbere. ALSO AGBNT FOK JACKSON SEWER PIPE CO., AND SKLL8 FIRH BRICE. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop. - ¦ -I1KCH. Wnpt. feb.lí.'TS GET TIUrSiT" Fire Insurance #& $42,000,000 -fe Becurltj held Ibr Che protectlas of the Iolicy hoklcis. CHRISTIAN MACK licpnscnts tlie followitig tirst-class OOnpt nies, of which one, the .Etna, has alone paid $55,000,000 fire losses in sixty years .(Etna, of Hartford f 7,400,000.00 Boston ünderwriters 2,500,UOO.UO Franklin, Pbiladelpbla. 8,800.000.01 Hcrinnn American. N. Y 2,800,111)0.00 London Ausnrance Corporation 15.800.000.0U National, Hartford 1.200,0UW.0ij North Uerman, Hamburg S.OUO.OOO.OO Phoenix, Brooklyn_ 2,800,000.0 Uüderwriters Agency, N. Y 4,600,000.00 Lossos lilicrally tdjnitod and promptly paúl. Polidea ssiicil nt tb lowest ratesof premium. 1U2173 CHRISTIAX XACK. Mortyatre Sale. DKFAULT haviiiif been made in the rondition of a certaln Indenture of mortgage executod by Peter Gurman, Senior, and Cathenne Gorman, hls wife, of Lyndnn, Wahtenaw counly Michigan, to Rice A. Bcal, hearing datu the Twenty-Slxüi day of October, A. ü.. 1877, and recorded in Ihe office of raglrtar of dei-de lor the count? of Washtenaw, n the state of Michigan, on the 7tb dy of Novemlwr, A. D., 1877, In llber 4ö ol mortcaee, on page 589, by wuich the power of sale contained therein bas become operatiTO, in which mortage thert is clalmed to be due on the 2tth day of October, A. D., 1880, of the principal sum, secured by sttld mortgage, the ört Insullmcnt of said principal sum.belng $000, togetber with the interest on all snms due np to tlie date of this notice, and an a'tiorny fee of $30, rovlded for in said mor'age. In all the sum of ihlrteen d and nlnety-five dollars and twenty cents, ( f 13yr.2U), and no proceedings havlug been tnstltuted to recover said sums or any part thereof. Notice therefore Is hcreby glven, that on Fridayjthe Mth day of September, A. D , 1881, ut 1U o'clock in the forenoon, at the east front door of ihe court house, in the city of Ann Arbor, in the said county of Washtenaw, said mortaL'o wili bc foreclosed hy virlue of the power of sale therein contained, by a sale at public auctiou, to tho highest bidder of the murtaged premies describcu in eaid mortga:-, or sn niuch thereofas may be suffleient to 8ati-fy the amount due on said mortagi', vlz: The north west quarler (V and the north half () of the north-east quarter(t of st'CUoa tentysix (ÏK). Also the nnrth-east qnarter ((4) of the north-eiist quarter o)ot section twenty-Beven (27) In townsbip one 1 1 houiU ot range three (3) east. Dated, June Hth, UN. R. A. BEAL, Sawtb & Knowlton, Murtitagee. Attorneys for Mortaee. I -l.itc of Frederiek A. Spauldingr. OTATB OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, ss. At a sesston of the Probate Court for the County ol Washtenaw, holden at the I"robat.! Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, on Monday, the thirteenth dT of June, in the year ono thousand eiijht hundred'aud eifihty-ouc. Present, William D. llar-riman, Judge of Probate. In tlie matter "f the estáte of Froderick A. Spauld deceased. Volney M. Spaulding and Philip Bacheiucutors of tbe last wiiland testament of said éMMM il, come in to court and represents tbat they are now prepared to reuder their auoual account as such executors. Therenpon It is ordered tbat Tuesday, the flfth day of Juty next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be iMlnd for examining and allowing such Account, and tbat the deviMiM, leñatees and heirs at law of said deceased.and all other persons inter d in said estáte, are nqnlrad to appear at a ol said court, then to be holden at the Probate Office, In the City of Ann Arbor, in said county, and show cause, ir any there be, why the said account sliould mt be allowcd. And it ís further ordered, that r-aid exeeutors give notice to the persons Interested in said estáte, of the pendency of said account, and tbe hearing thereof, by causlng a copy of this order to be published in the Ann Arbor tkturur, a newspaper prlntnd and clrculating In said county, two successive weeks prevlous to xald day of hearing. (A true copy.) W1LUAM D. HARRIMAN, Judge ol Probate. WM. . DOTY, Probate Register. 1034Ü6


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