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The Btote ineilii-al society is Ui hohl its next unmiul meeting :a ïpaUanti. A professor ii' elocutlon has been employed by tl' ttioul board for tbe h school. Prof. Y. .1. rocker, of Ailiian, purcftaaod Joe T. Jacobs' One horse and car'riage laai Saturday. Itakes U), (WO pouuds ol' milk cacli day to sujiply tbc (U-mniuls of the atooreville cheeW l'Mi'lory. The timpcianic Snml:iy school chililren are Uiaoimoed tor :i picnic, to-mon-ow in Fraaer! ;rove' iul)it of si. Ajulrew'i cliiucli will iHl.-l nexl Sabbath ly liov. Dr. Joboson, of J.icksn]]. Tlic owners of tlie Orcgory house liave ilcciilcii to bulld :i balcony 'm the saat front ¦¦ ¦"¦¦ AVool still hanga baok, and ooaparatWly üttte bae beea pnrehaaed, wfcUs prioe reaaaln anchanged. The Salem gnage sliips wool direct to 1 1n1 'ii-iti-in market, and h lr4ï i"i warOM W,WO pouml-. The pnpUsof tho Catbol ie school presentni Pather Herie ith ui altar cup, robe and beada, a few duys since. John X. Bailey, of the Argu?, lias purohasèd house and lot now oecnpled by liiin. Ho. 4.") South División strect, for $',- 400. On or ubout the 27th of August next the annual grange plootc is to be beU at Whitmoi-e r,:ikc. A floriona time is in prospect, as ostial. - - - Tiir paal weck bai been mm of rmpid advaiicoinciit for the farmer and jranlener. Vegetation bai baan gtren a pand start bj tba recent nam. unbttk is somctiines almost boaadfeat. Am ex-member of the legislatura is (lnnii-iiiajiir of tlie Otidsea band. - Erenlng News. The gradnating ezerdau f the lii;li school wil! take place in the MethodM ekorofa on the Mta of tata month, i iBMndng at 10 o'clock a. in. TJm Beeteren Qeaangrerein of thiscity baackoew nol. K. Eeñpt; asa delégate to the Peninsular Sangerfeet, tO be held in Oraod Eaplda next Asgvat Oompanj A baa been Inrited ta help Om good people of Mam luster celébrate the coming gloriona Fourth. They have not yet dei iikil witetfae they wtl go or not. Ura. . H. Pterce sent to the editor's desk a feu day tlnce, a bumber of strawlierries no two bcing of the same shape. Some oi them wen of ?eiy peculiar fina. I. ast mak N ednesdav betagM rahiy and UBpleaMnt titC Ann Arbor city band dü notgoto DmuliL' :is tlicy cxpccted. The grand "lilow out" was iiuMinitily postplUK'cl. Work belng puabed by those wlio hare in charge the editiag of the ('nmmcnce'""¦ut Anmial. It will bc II excellent paper, and one that erery student will want to keep. During the heavy storm last nlgfct the xi.rc and telegrapfe oflea was stmrk by llghtning. Tta balMtag was Irad but mtiKMliatcly cxtiniriiislied, aml no great 'laniairc was done. A larg ( , ¦miun (rom Toledo, given by the Odd Follows, intni,-w,, ourcity last ToMdijr. We wnea't ashamed of any""!,;: hm ti„. si,!,.,.,!, kot thcy compare favorably witli TotadtM, ithin a ghurt time foiirtcen candidates, wbo had worked their way over roads ymiih and way dangerous, up to the comïnanderv. have been admitted and recejved the order of the Red Cross. The electrlclan, .1. . Jnney und lus sim, M,.. .... n,vu aouinj -VllCB Ou UTPtton in manufacturlng Langley'a clectrie Itght, hve enterad the eraploy of the South Bend clectrir Itgbt company. MtUement bat vcu mud,. i,v c. II. '"-II .v Sou with the owners of the ¦rv lu.usc, and tluy have been re¦ t r. ,111 their contract. It ig siiid they NI Í7.-.0 to effect the .ettlement N " nu of Sylvan's farmers clubbed to' -""t and pprchased a large amount of 'nn wiro, th ;,y to grttUhg ' (Vopwntion willbe more genera] '" a fl'w y", and theo eveiyjwdy will Mi" Mwy LoteToTwüdïworth, Obio, ¦" "" llir ¦" weeks ,;'¦ hir b'. Frank Lou, and re„ ,llt. "¦:"""-"t ""¦ ' nmptloD.di9dat ;;;- ..., lmillI1(Hli ,,,„„ ;;;_ " -, „...ction, .,,„!( 'a,,,. All,-,, WtjKJ in boitcr sliape. !!!L? whiW, Hm ,,'u ,'""' "firK'"ltural oompMy I i'icss,.,i. i1:l ,,,„,,„.„,.,, „„.Ilur,.hilgeof I 'li:'".1"ure"'"'n„n„l„. ,,,irofUieir U'"-"' t'H' ."..I, u.,,,l,whi,l,. tl,ov 11 f"M,„„l„,. st„n,,K,. Th(.y ]i:ij(1 4() '¦¦'-' Mo.uiay evwUagChtóh Jones was lell,lT,,.i1i,„to.:lv(.Tylm,„l„,„,„,:l"1C"""'ll""'Mnsl„-,,1,r,,li,ltlle](„1 The prewntatlon speech Wu mat by Dr.' ""-"", and reflectêd ,-i.iiment wdWlngof more than Mr. .i,„„v ,„, Ttic latest spelling; for p.-il.-mt ï u „Imwn by a letter whicli passed turough the post office a few days sinee is: "Sypilant." Wm. H. LewU, one of the most jovial, hearty, hale-fellow-well met land'lords who ever catered to the public, has rented tlie Gregory house, and will soon be sorviiif; the transient public in that most excellent hotel. He has a host of friends. J. J. Goodyear, AI. D., of Dryden, N. Y., son-in-law of Mrs. Col. L. L. Comstook, of thi8 city, has rented the old Grenville drug store for a term of five years, and will open a nice, clean, new stock of drugs and medicines about September lt l.:ist Siitiirday Sheriff W allace sold the stook of goods belonginjr to Wm. Ball, for $500, Mrs. liall being the bidder in. Tliis itook te the one jiureliased of Chas. Boylan some time since. Mrs. Ball held a claim asainst t for a niuch larger sum we understand. The laying of the track on the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Grand Trunk railroad extensión, beUveen this city and South Lyon, is being pushed with all possible dispatch. Several miles of track has been completed, and it is expected that the ears will be running to that place by next Jlonday. Abouteight miles north of this city there is a gink hole which has bothered the T., it A. A. railroad builders very niuch. ft is about 300 feet across, and the amount of earth, timber, etc., wliich has leen "chucked " into itLs hardly believable, aml jet the flllin in keeps sinkin;? out of siglit. The wrinkles whicli had grown on tl ciiuntL'iianccs of farmers, gardeners, fruli growers, etc, over the hot dry weather have all swollen out plunip, since the rain making a wondrous change of expression They all look wonderfully jolly now, especially the strawberry men at 12JÍ cents pei quurt. John Huddy, of Ann Arbor town, wel! knowing what wcmld picase the palate ol an editor, brought in a package of the largest and most ilelicious strawberries m have seen in a long time. They carne froni vines set out last fall, and someof them necessitatcd two bites for an ordinary sized mouth. I.ast TmmêKf forenoon the Toledo cadet baad, MWipowd of fourteen pieces, with Lieut. lïilly Kay. ¦ former Ann Arbor boy, as drum major, seren.ided the Coi unit office. They played a medley excellently well, and the drum m;ijor flourished his iiiMii) mot It batten In a majostie maner. Thanks for the compliment. We have a very good piece of poetry, "Love'a Requiem," whicli was arre pil tloasly plactnl in the edltor's sanctmn. it the author will makc liim nr hcistlf known, llii'same will be piiMlatifil We cannot lreak over the rule estublished by all office of not publisliinjr Communications of any kiii.i without kiiuwlng the tuthor'a name. Tlie next diocesau conventkm of the Episcopal church forthls district, will be held in Ann Arbor. Among the reroinmends of Bishop llarris at the recent meeting in Detroit, was the erection of buildings in this city for the use and benefit of the students in the university, that they might be under the especial care of a competent warden. Happening to be near the depot a few days since when a couple of freiglit trains I tlirough. and noticing the art ion of the boys who carelessly jumped on and off tlie trains wiiile going at a considerable speed, we did not wonder tliat so many accidents are reportedof boys being run oyer, liaving thfir limbscut off, and eitlier killed outright or crippled for life. For the good looks of the public square, if for nothing more, the loafers who make a practice of Wkfllng away their time on its sod, ouKht to stop it. "Keep off the grasa" should be obeyed. We don't believe any fence around the square would improve it, but if such a thing is necessary to keep the people from running on the green sward, let's have the fence by all means. The school boys are looking anxiously forward to the 23d. That's tlie day on which all school work ends for the year. It is the Mecca to which they have been traveling for long, weary months. As they look forward to that glorious date, and the coming circus which already looms up on the bill boards, they wonder if it is possible to ever wait for the time to pass ? On Thursday evening of last week proteotion lire company held tlieir recular election, and the following ofiirers wrrc chosen for the ensuing year: Foreman- C. H. Worden. Klrst osslstant- O. W. Kffner Second asslstant- . Smilli Third SMlatant- C. Mathews. Secretary- D. F. Flynu. Treasurer- O. P. Care}' steward- Jas. Atkiniton. -&rdeuti-John Wagner, E. W. Schuell, Jolin O'Maraand John O'Brlen. The board of suyervisors voted to adopt tlie last year's equalization, whiéh wfll not reduce the taxes in the lst and 2d wards of this city, as sotue people prophesied would bc the case if Richmond was electcd. Is truc, as has been reported, tliat Mr. Kichnioinl lowered one mau's assessment soma 25,0O0 from what it had formerly been, taxes in that ward will le higher tli:m usual. TheYpsilantiSentinelpronoiincesagalnst our houses of correction and jails, and asserts that thoy are as systematically pursuing a course of instruction lu vice as our schools are in education. Such may be the bot, to a certain extent, but tt ia doubtful. Whatshall be done with our crimináis? Allow tuein to run at lar;e and prey upon the people ? It is quite evident that some people are hard to please. Rev. Dr. Steele on last Sabbath eyening delivered a very timely discourse 011 the Sabbath question. He placed thls subject upon national and civil grounds, and did not present its religious bearings. Thesentimcnts advanccil were peculiarly adaptcd to our coinraunity, and it would be well to have this discourse repeatcd on some 8abbath afternoon at the opera house, for t lio benefit of all our citizens. Ann Arbor city band went to Whitmore Lake attend the services of Temperance Day, at the tent meeting. The tent was well filled, we learn, and an excellent meeting enjoyed. In the forenoon Wm. Wade, of Detroit, delivered an address. In the afternoon 31 r. Wade, and I'rof. T. P. Wilson, of this city, each spoke to the asscnibly, while Prof. Dickie, of Albion college, delivered an address in the eveniiif;. Wlien the jury rendered tho verdict of guilty in the case of William Keating, for burglary, last Wednesday afteruoon, there was quite a scène in the court house. llrs. Keating, wifeof the prisoner, who had been a constant iittendant u[on the trial dropped as quick as if she had been shot, iainting dead away, and had to be removed before "coming to.'' She is reputed a hard working woman, and has the sympathy of many in Ypsilanti who know her. The editor of the Milan Morning Sun lias struck a snag. He don't likc the new revisión. Agreeing with tlie hap Talmadge- or Talinsj- he says : " The new vérsion of the Bible is a nuisance. It bas baia ¦ gigantic swindleupon the Christian public. If any agenta come round wlth gaaolaa bibles, buy them, but if they want to sell yon the new version teil them to point their toes to the road and be off on [juick time." K. 1'. Oanp, wko lives on Detroit streel at ita interaection with División, met witli a serious accident last Saturday afternoon. B was out a few miles south of the citj m itli n team, and had stopped to fix some thlng about the wagon box when anothei team driving past, started the norse and threw him out, lite shoulders striking upon the wheel and injuring the splne. He hae not been able to move himself since, and as he is a man over 00 years of age, his recovery will be very slow. In the state band contest at Lansing last week. the Ypsilanti band took the seeond prize in the liist rlass, which consisted of 90 in money and $15 worth of music, while Mr. B. A lí.ivi'e, as drum major was awardd tlie prize for being the very beat offleer of the kind, a handsomc batten. The Chelsea cornet band was a close third in the second class, bnt lacked a fewcounts of receiving a prize. Tlie band leader's association wind, was formed there, elected C. A. Skinoer, of Ypsilanti, secretary. Our exchanres from diverse and various seotions of the state give graphlc accounts of the gullin of farmers by certain persons representing thenelves as agents for the sale of a wagon tongue supporter. They get people to sign what they are informed is a contract for the agency of the supporter, luit which proves to be a note for some amount. So our farmer readers will do well to look out for the fraud. Don't sign anytliinir, and if a strenger approaches you with a '-wagin tongue," give him the grand biPUMi-c. Uv' a swindler. Last week an agent of the order of Royal Au -muin, nn hlflIM ,..;. .ty prnviliiK for$:,000 atdeath of members, succeeded in establishing an organization in this city. The following officers were elected : Regent, H. J. Brown. Vloeregent. K. B. Hall Orator, L. F. Wade Past-regent, W. K. HeDderson Becretary, J. Q. A. Sewious. Collector, M H. Frenoh Treasurer, Ojtmer Eberbacli Cnaplaln, Dr. W. F Breakey VViinlmi. (lias. S. F1I. Sentry, Wlllam Herz. 8tos. Hall, J. F. Schuh, Ernst EberMedlcal Examlner, Dr. W. F. Breakey. Tliose who attended the concert given by the university musical society and chora! unión, are extremely warm in their praises of the entertainment. The attendance, however, was not suffleient to compénsate the society for the expense they were to in securins foreigu talent. The singing ol Remmerta is said to have been the very best listened to in the hall the past season, while Mrs. Hilz-Gleason receives praise utistinted from her admirers. One thin eerteln, bowwrar, that unless a bette"? patronage can be given, our people will not have the pleasure of many more such ¦ ¦ ¦¦ .1.; ..i-. The legislatare lias appropriuted ten thousaiul dollars to fresco the capital, aud the uovenior to appnlnt three coinmlssloners at iFiree iliillars per day to set round and see tbe artista ut wnrk. Islh.-re iiny Umltto the expenslve örTh'è n'M" "u':;vc,rtte Michigan leglslature, tlnel atlenceof t'epeople?-yp8lllntl 8ei The city of Vpsilatiti certiiinly ought not to and a great deal of fault. The legislatiuv Ims bwa veiy liiicral witli her as well as other places. Besides, the last appropritóon of 25,000 was engineered through by a (lenioeiat. at least the credit for its success is claimed by Mr. King's friends for him. We wout say anything about how much of a job it would be to fresco the entire "capital," as the Sentinel has put it. LastMemlay, whea the adjourned chancerysale, whieh had been advertised in the Coirier for the last few months, took place at the court house, a oodly sized audience M nUed to witness it, drawn together probkblj by the unusually large amount of vahiable property to be disposed of. Mre. Mary E. Costello bid in the Scio milis for $6,100, and also the store known as the Costello store, in Dexter, for $3,500; and onehalf of the eooper shop for $250. The Dexter mili property was bid in by Mrs. Martha E. Evarts, for f7,200. The Scio mili is said to have originally cost $27,000, and the Dexter milis alniost as much. The disposal of tliis property ends a long and complicated case. As we have many old soldiere in the county who will desire to learn how to obtain a copy of the book "Michigan in the War," we give below an extract from the bill authorizing its publication, and relutive to its distribution: ,ny Pe,r8011 wn erved In any Michigan regiment, battery or company during tüe late war, and ha been honorabfy dlscharged. or any person who served In any regiment, battery or compauy from aay othefstate, br ln the regular army, or in the navy, properly aceredited to the state of Michigan, and W been .?¦?? y d, m ' '?rBed' or ls 8tl11 ln the rv shall be entltled to receive one copy of sald work on presenting to the librarían the cenflcaU) of the adjutant general that such person has served and lf the appllcation,or ufcli copy " u'a.Jd,e ln person.V deposltlng wlth such lbrarlan 32 een Ui to cover the expense in endof0 ' book, Any person shall be permltted to purchase sald book at a prhe not U exceed 10 per cent. above cost, together wlth seuding the book lf not deUvered ln person." UU1"K From the Legislative Journal, of Wednesilay, June Sth, we find the following reaolntion, offorod by IlrprcaciiUill ve .1 E Wlute: Wherkas. The house of representativos desires to ezpressln a fitting mannerthelrappieclation of the the service of the sergeant-atarms ; therefore Retulved, That the house of representa ti ves heroby tenders to W. K. ChlIdsT sergeantutarrns for 1881, thelr sincere thauks for Üie falthful inanner in whlch he has discharged hls duties, and for hls uniform gentlemanly trealinent of all wlth whomhe hascomeincoutaot And the members, indi vidually, expresa to the sergeant thelr high appreciatlon of hls many good qualltieH na an offleer, and as a frlend. Resolved, That the engrosslng clerk be Instructed to furnish the sergeant-at-arms an engrossed copy of these resolutlons; Which was unanimously adopted. Bei-gMBt Ohüdl was , ulied out after the (B of this resolution, and in an ix ceptionally happy manner responded to the courtesy. Wr are n receipt of the guide book for 1881, giving all details, maps, illiistrations, IMilllll to questions, etc., etc., of the fifth season of the Even ing News excursions from Detroit to the sea, whicli is personall.v . ..n.lii. tcd by W. II. Bicarlcy. The pojularity of these excursions is such as to need no word of praise from us, it belng known to people from all sectlons as being one of the most delightful trips that can be had on the continent. The present season's excursión Is so arranged that parties can leave Detroit on three different days, viz. : tlie flrst on Friclay, Jtily lst; the 2nd on Thursday, July 14th ; the third on Thursday, July 21st. The guide book gives all nforiimtion needed, and can be obtainod by addressing W. II. Brearley, office lvtroit Bvening News. Considerable excitement has been had in electric lightcircles by the seizure last week Saturday, by Walter S. Hickg, of an electric lifrlit machine, while in tlie hands of the express company. This was done under the instruction, it seems, of Mr. Du Shane, of Soutli Bend, Indiana, who claims that tbe machine was obtaioed uufairly, at that place, by B. P. Craiu', of this city. 'lliis s mcrely a question of right between tbe company organized here, and and the one organized at South Bend, Ind., and will not effect the progress of tlie works any. It is to be hoped that the manufactory may proe successful. Ann Arbor ¦tanda i" need of a few more first-class inanufactories. An article in another column, from the South Kond Tribune, gives the reader an klea of the controversy resprrtiiii,' UU taking of the machine by Mr. Last Monduy afternoon the citlzens of this city will remembcr thcre was a very sbarp flap 1' thunder, at about 4 o'clock. Itwasastunner. Two ladies were passinjr down North AÍain street at tlie time, and being busily engaged in fdving some one "particular Jesse'1- it Is supposed - didn't notice the gathering of threatening clouds. AVlicn (fie chip canic they were cntirely unprepared for it, and oblivious to all things save their gossip, which must have been fine at that point, for onc jumped about three feet in the air, and gave a ycll which would have struck terror to the heart of an Uncapapa brave, while the other stood stonc still, witli a stillness lHte unto that of Lot's wife when she went into tlie salt business. Butlhey soon recorered their self-possession, and (razing wildly about to see if any one had observed the tableau, resumed their pilgrtmage with fluttering hearts and a pcrceptibly quickened pace. The gossip is supposed to ha again taken up where it was to rudely sonde red. Last Saturday night hundreds of our citizens remalned up nearly all night to wttne8s the eclipse of the moon, and all in anj way interested in the study of astronomy, orcurious about such peculiar events, were well repaid for their trouble. The edipte was total, the totality lasting ubout one hour. The progress of the shadow over the face of the moon was attended by peen] iar phenomena, being aecompanied by varying degrees of light and darkneas, and a singular lunar halo surrounding the moon a portion of the time. Brilliant meteors flashed through the lieavens at different times, some of them seeming to cross very near the eclipsed planet. It was one of the most wonderful events of the kind ever witnessed in this sectlon of the country, and aside f rom a fe w hazy clouds occasionallv flitting over the face of the heavens, nothing interfered with the view.


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